Kawarau Bridge Bungy

  • 2 hours
  • 9am



As you shuffle out to the edge of the bridge, heart pounding and mind racing, remember this – you’ve found yourself at the World Home of Bungy. This is the original. Many people have come and gone, on a mission to push the limits and test themselves. Time for you to make the same leap of faith.

43m bungy/ WaterTouch/Tandem option


Includes Jump, t-shirt, Certificate & Bus Transport

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Australia & New Zealand Holidays

Additional Information

Additional Information


Between 35kg to 130kg. Tandem weight restrictions below.


Each jumper must be between 35kg – 117kg. The maximum combined weight of both jumpers must not exceed 235kg. The weight difference between tandem Jumpers must not exceed 30kg. Tandem Bungy requires river levels to be low or normal.


Self-drive: Allow 1.5 hours
Bungy Bus: Allow 3.5 hours


None. You can Bungy nude if you want to. Winter can get very cold, so we recommend layering up and taking a jacket.