Skydive Queenstown

  • 3 hours
  • 9:30am or 12.30pm
  • Queenstown



It takes a certain kind of person to jump from an aircraft at 15,000ft into thin air. It takes courage.

Expect sensory overload as your mind, body and soul fight against every natural self-preserving urge. The challenge is immense. Harnessed by space age materials to a qualified Jumpmaster, you step out of that aircraft door and for up to 60 seconds free-fall at 200 kph - terminal velocity!

Tandem Skydive with NZONE Skydive in Queenstown  in New Zealand's South Island and see some of the most dramatic scenery in NZ, from 15,000ft!

In 1990, NZONE Skydive were NZ's first tandem skydive operation and is now celebrating 30 years of skydiving. NZONE is the only tandem skydive company to have been awarded the Supreme Tourism Award and have jumped over 300,000 tandem to-date.

In Queenstown since 1990, NZONE Skydive was NZ’s first Tandem Skydive operation and is the only Tandem Skydive company to have won New Zealand’s Supreme Tourism Award. 

Our mission is to deliver the ultimate adventure experience to each customer through personal service and secure the NZONE brand as being synonymous with quality, safety and excitement.

The company now employs approximately 65 highly qualified staff and have taken over 300,000 passengers tandem skydiving.

Our approach to safety is second to none, with specifically trained parachute packers, an on-site Chief Safety Officer and the Directors' first-hand knowledge of the industry. Our staff are highly trained and are amongst the most experienced in New Zealand.


Our skydive host will assist you to gear up and you will be briefed by one of our Tandem Masters.

Your flight to altitude will take you high above the Wakatipu basin, where you will have a birds eye view of our dramatic mountains and lakes.  

You will feel the most exhilarated you have ever felt in your entire life when you get back to earth and you will want to do it all over again.  


Highly trained jump masters

Our highly trained tandem masters and crew will provide you with a full safety brief and guide you through the whole experience from start to finish.

All our Tandem Masters have jumped over 1,000 times, some have even jumped over 24,000 times!


We use industry leading skydiving systems and the latest in internationally recognised safety practices.

We operate under the strict authority of the NZ Civil Aviation Authority and also the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association.

AAD stands for “Automatic Activation Device”. It’s an on-board computer that automatically activates an emergency parachute in the unlikely event its needed.


Recently, NZONE invested in a second Cessna Grand Caravan, also known as the Supervan 900. The planes can carry up to nine tandem jumpers – allowing us to keep groups together during their once-in-a-lifetime experience, and is the quietest and most efficient aircraft available for commercial skydiving. 

The custom designed Supervan 900 has a single turbo-prop engine and is a fixed gear short haul airliner with a four-blade propeller and flat-rated 900 hp engine that gives it the ability to take off quickly and climb rapidly; also meaning its fuel consumption is more economical and the per person carbon footprint is significantly reduced. It meets stringent ‘green’ standards and easily meets strict European noise standards.


All parachutes are fitted with reserve chutes and automatic opening devices (AAD).

Our high performance, rectangular, zero porosity fabric canopies are designed for soft openings and maximum manoeuvrability. The elliptical rectangular cell canopy is a lift producing wing which has a forward speed of approximately 30kph allowing accuracy and ease of landing. The canopy ranges from 330 to 400 square feet.

The harness container is exactly that, housing all components - the main canopy, reserve and drogue chute. A qualified packer arranges and packs all components; canopies, lines and riser, to enable each part to operate in a specific order, ensuring reliable canopy deployment.


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What to Expect

What to Expect

Your Queenstown skydiving experience starts at our meeting point located right in the heart of Queenstown at the NZONE Skydive Centre, 35 Shotover Street.

This is your check-in point for the best skydive in Queenstown, following registration and a video briefing in our innovative cinema room, you can select your photo and video options.

You will be transported to our drop zone just 20 minutes away on a private airstrip set amid a rural farmland background. 

At our world-leading drop zone, you can see behind-the-scenes action taking place, learn the history of skydiving in New Zealand and beyond as well as meeting our excellent crew who get to experience the best place to skydive each and every day. 

In the viewing area, you will be able to see other skydivers both in the sky and coming in to land. There are drinks and snacks available, toilets and a souvenir clothing and gifts store. We also have lockers to store your valuables while you are off enjoying the best skydive in Queenstown. Once you have landed, you will be able to view your skydive experience online using the free wi-fi available to you or from the on-site Internet Kiosks.

Jumping directly above our drop zone you will experience free-fall of up to 60 seconds before your Tandem Master deploys the parachute and together you glide back to earth.

The canopy ride takes approximately 4-5 minutes.  

Please allow 3 hours for the entire experience.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Departure point

Our meeting point is our Skydive Centre in the middle of town in Queenstown (35 Shotover St). From there we will take you to and from the Dropzone where you skydive. This is included in the price.

If you decide to drive yourself, you will still need to check in at the NZONE Skydive Centre for the briefing and then we will give you directions.

Weight restrictions

All persons 95kgs or more are subject to Tandem Master assessment at the drop zone. 

The minimum weight is 30kg/66lbs and all passengers must be big enough to fit safely into the harness.

Age limit

There is no maximum age limit! We have taken passengers up to 94 years of age.

Weather dependent/subject to availability

Trips are subject to availability and are weather dependent. 

Skydiving is a very weather dependent activity so sometimes we won’t be able to jump.

We will try our best to re-arrange your trip to the next time slot that suits and is available.

For this reason, we advise you to book your skydive on the first available time slot in your holiday and keep a back-up day free. If you cannot re-arrange to another trip, you will be refunded in full from wherever you paid originally. 


We operate two Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft - “the Supervan 900”. 

Our plane can hold up to 9 customers at once so it is possible to be on the same plane as your friends. This is dependent on many factors and we will do our best to keep groups together. 


You must wear shoes that won't fall off, and an appropriate amount of clothing depending on the season.  In Winter, we recommend that multiple layers are more suitable than one large jacket.

In terms of clothing, make sure you are warm, comfortable and wearing enclosed tie-up shoes, we provide you with a full jumpsuit, gloves, hat and goggles.

You can wear your prescription glasses whilst skydiving. We have goggles that will fit over your glasses.

If you wear contact lenses, we recommend you bringing solution in case your lenses dry out.


Providing we have enough space in our buses we can take spectators for free.  This won't be guaranteed and only available at the time of the trip. They are welcome to drive themselves to watch though and we can provide directions. This is limited to one spectator per customer and we cannot allow spectators on the last trip of the day.


Personal cameras and Go Pro's are prohibited from being on board the aircraft due to safety and insurance reasons. All of our equipment has to be checked properly due to the extreme nature of skydiving. However, you can take photos on the ground while getting ready and we do offer a professional skydive photographer that is able to jump with you and take photos/video during your skydive.


We do not offer life insurance, although you are covered for medical treatment while in New Zealand under the Accident Compensation Commission.

Some companies will insure you to tandem skydive and you need to check this with your travel insurance company directly.

Pre-exisiting medical condition or injury

If you are unsure if an existing medical condition or injury will affect your skydive, please consult with your doctor for advice.