Airline COVID-19 Update: Fiji Airways

With airlines starting to fly again, there are new processes in place to keep passengers and airline stuff safe.

Fiji Airways has implemented the following:

  • Facemasks will be mandatory for travel for both Fiji Airways and Fiji Link customers once international flights recommence, and guests are advised to have these prior to arriving at the airport for the issuance of boarding passes. All customers must keep their masks on wherever practical throughout their journey, except small children and those unable to do so.
  • All customer-facing staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Customers can expect enhanced health screenings, including temperature checks.
  • Physical distancing and spaced out counters will be practiced throughout most airports, and hand sanitisers will be available for use.
  • All checked-in bags will be sanitised before being loaded onto the aircraft.
  • The in-cabin air in all jet aircraft is filtered and recirculated through extremely efficient HEPA filters.
  • Lavatories onboard will be sanitised more frequently inflight, and high-touch surfaces will be sanitised after every flight.
  • Business-class customers will continue to enjoy three-course meals, now delivered on a single tray.
  • A simplified meal service for Economy Class will be delivered in special ‘Food for Thought’ packaging, which reduces contact between customers and crew. This eco-friendly packaging is safe for disposal, and will save up to half a million litres of water a year and remove up to two tonnes of plastics annually from onboard.


Fiji Airways will await approval from authorities in Fiji and its key international markets before announcing international flight schedules. At present time, international flights remain cancelled through the end of July 2020.

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Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Private Road, Oak Beach, 4871 Oak Beach, Australia

Set on over 140 acres of native forest and boasting a private beach, Thala Beach Nature Reserve is an Eco-friendly wildlife retreat. This secluded sanctuary is nestled on a coastal headland and offers magnificent views of the sparkling Coral Sea.

Thala Beach Nature Reserve is located on a private headland between Cairns and Port Douglas, 45 minutes drive from Cairns City Centre and within 10 minutes’ drive of Port Douglas.

Deluxe eco accommodation options are sensitively positioned amongst the resort’s 145 acre property.

These boutique timber bungalows offer ocean, mountain or forest views. Guests can relax on their private balcony and enjoy the native birds and wildlife. All rooms are air-conditioned and offer a bathtub, a refrigerator, and a minibar.

The property features an organic coconut plantation, and natural swimming pools formed by granite boulders and waterfalls. Free guided nature tours are available and include tree planting, stargazing at an outdoor observatory, beach discovery, wildlife walks and bird-watching tours.


Eighty-three timber and granite bungalows are distributed throughout the reserve, providing four different experiences depending on which type you choose.


Perched on the southern most point of Thala’s private headland and surrounded by nature, the Sandpiper Suite is the ultimate in setting, romance and privacy.

With a vista that stretches from the dunes to white sandy beaches and the sparkling Coral Sea, the views from Sandpiper Suite extend out across the sea to a cluster of small islands and a perfectly unbroken horizon…



Coral Sea Bungalows are located on the highest ridge of Thala’s private headland, with views of the Coral Sea all the way to the horizon, framed by the native Australian forest canopy.

Unobtrusively nestled into the natural landscape, wildlife viewing opportunities are maximised from the privacy and comfort of your elevated verandah.



Thala’s Eucalypt Bungalows allow you to intimately experience the unique tropical forest in supreme comfort and privacy.

Eucalypt Bungalows are individually positioned and border Thala’s pathways as they gently rise up the headland through the lush Eucalypt forest…



xperience the unique woodland forest from Thala’s Jungle Walk Bungalows.

Located within the forest, Jungle Walk Bungalows combine comfort with the deep green, earthy beauty of the jungle…


Star Gazing
The Thala night sky is free from light pollution and filled with millions of stars. Surrounded by sounds of the rainforest & ocean – enjoy an introduction to the beautiful Southern Constellations from an experienced & passionate guide.

View many fascinating stars & planets using telescopes and binoculars at the unique outdoor observatory.

(Free for houseguests, nights of operation varies week-to-week)
Coconut Odyssey
On Australia’s only coconut tour, not only do you get to drink & eat from the very young green coconut to the little known ‘Coconut Apple’ – you will also learn the truth about the health benefits of coconuts.

The ‘Tree Of Life’ has astonishing advantages from helping to reduce body fat and lower cholesterol, to building the immune system. A tour that helps you lose weight without exercising?!

(Free for houseguests, days of operation varies week-to-week)
Nature And Garden Walks
You will be guided through 145 acres of a variety of native flora by Brett and his enthusiastic team.

They delight in sharing their extensive knowledge and passion for the environment. Amongst rare Littoral rainforest clinging to the sandy dunes and the soft shade of eucalypts you will enjoy the scamper of native fauna. We have so many exciting plants and animals at Thala.

(Free for houseguests, day of operation varies week-to-week)
Bird And Butterfly Walks
David is our bird and butterfly expert and you will be thrilled at the colour and variety of the species to be found at Thala. An early start to hear the first chorus of Thala’s birds in full song is a wonderful way to welcome a new day.

We also have local experts who can take you for full day birding expeditions through a wide variety of habitats. Pick up a Bird Sighting Calendar from the Adventure desk and see if you can add to the extensive number of varieties spotted so far.

(free for houseguests, day of operation varies week-to-week)
Talks with Kuku Yalangi People
Elders from our local aboriginal community, the Kuku Yalangi people, come and share their stories as passed on from previous generations including the history of their ancient cultural traditions.

You will enjoy seeing and learning the value of bush tucker food, the knowledge of which has been nurtured since the age of the hunter-gatherer. The haunting rhythms of the traditional Didgeridoo is being incorporated into many forms of contemporary music, here it will take you back to the beginnings of the aboriginal Dreamtime.

(free for houseguests, day of operation varies week-to-week)
Private Beach
Oak Beach consists of approximately 2kms of pristine sand lined with coconut palms and sheoak trees. Thala Beach Nature Reserve occupies the forest-clad headland at the northern end of this beach. All guests can enjoy this private-access beach.
Sea Kayaking
Our expert guide will take you sea kayaking to his secret places to look for marine turtles, stingrays, dolphins and dugongs.
The reef adjacent to Thala Beach Nature Reserve is like a turtle highway, with so many turtles congregating for feeding and socialising.
Rejuvenate Spa
Thala’s on-site massage studio has special packages for our guests and provides a range of treatments including massages, facials, body scrubs and wraps.
Local Tours
There are many very exciting tours and activities that we recommend ranging from snorkeling on The Great Barrier Reef, safaris into the rainforest to exploring the outback and Tableland region.
Contact us for recommendations and more information about tours departing from Thala.


Thala Beach Nature Reserve, located between Cairns and Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia, is awarded the highest Ecotourism accreditation for maximising informative & meaningful experiences, whilst enhancing the local environment. The Thala Experience adheres to global principals of Ecotourism.
After ten consecutive years meeting the strict criteria for Advanced Ecotourism status, in 2017 Thala was awarded Green Travel Leader status with Ecotourism Australia.


National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World
In April 2018, in recognition of Thala’s substantial credentials in offering deluxe eco-designed accommodation while minimising environmental impact, the beachfront eco lodge was handpicked for membership of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World after successfully undergoing a rigorous vetting process. The standards for inclusion are based on four pillars of sustainable tourism:

Protection of natural heritage
Protection of cultural heritage
Support for local communities
Environmentally friendly practices

National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World is a collection of handpicked lodges that invite guests to experience the world’s most treasured places while helping to protect them for generations to come. Each lodge has made the choice to tread lightly, to celebrate nature rather than conquer it, to support cultural heritage, and to engage with local communities. From remarkable architecture to fine cuisine, National Geographic lodges are inspired by and complement their surroundings. The experience they offer is intimate and extraordinary, connecting guests with their destination in an authentic and meaningful way.


Natural area focus
Thala is built atop a private peninsular jutting into the Coral Sea, surrounded by miles of World Heritage coastline and The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park on the seaward side. The private beachfront has been left as nature intended it to be. Thala’s magnificent 145 acre peninsular has six different habitats concentrated into this small area:

Eucalypt Woodlands on top of the main ridge and flats (includes grass trees and cycads).
Beach and coastal vegetation such various Paperbark species and beach sheoaks (Casuarinas) (littoral forest).
Lowland vine thicket/rainforest
Patches of rainforest on the valley floor including seasonal creeks (gallery forest)
Mangroves at the southern end of Oak Beach
Coconut Plantation

Each habitat attracts its own unique wildlife species.


Environmental sustainability
In the early 1970’s Rob & Oonagh Prettejohn purchased the 58 hectare/145 acre peninsula. At the time, the land comprised just 45 acres of original native forest. The balance had been cleared and was a degraded, unsustainable sugar cane plantation. Environmental sensitivities were not as they are today and planning approval at the time would have allowed for a 700-bedroom hotel to be built! Fortunately, as locals with a feel for a low impact on this wonderful environment, this was not their style. They planted many thousands of indigenous plants to rehabilitate the area and start its return to a wild natural state. The Main Lodge and all bungalows are built out of natural sustainable materials in a low impact style that does not dominate, rather enhances, the surrounding landscape. Thala opened in 1998.


Conservation & wildlife habitat
Thala Beach Nature Reserve is a beacon of hope as mankind progresses from being ‘the demolisher’ to ‘the conserver’ and now to ‘the environmental benefactor’. Over a period of 30 years, Rob and Oonagh have shepherded the re-establishment of complex forests on land that was once cleared and devastated by extractive farming. With the return of the forests, wildlife populations have exploded bringing their pulsating natural energy.
Approximately 120 butterfly species and almost 200 bird species have been spotted at Thala. On site rangers estimate that there are at least 50 agile wallabies inhabiting the forest. Young joeys and pregnant females are regularly sighted, indicating a thriving population. Frogs, lace monitor lizards, sugar gliders, echidnas, spiders and geckos are in abundance too.
Working with local communities
Recognising the importance of the spirit of our local indigenous communities Thala invites the elders of the Kuku Yalanji community to take our guests through the journey of their culture. From healing plants to bush food the elders bring in leaves and seeds for guests to handle and learn their history and importance to the survival of this wonderful community. Musical instruments so important to the rites and rituals of the ancient peoples of this ancient land are a part of Thala’s experience. A didgeridoo demonstration is the highlight of the cultural presentation. Thala is grateful to the Kuku Yalanji elders for their eager sharing of their ancient knowledge and cultural traditions.

Responsible marketing
All marketing material at Thala, (brochures, website, flyers and all images displayed on website and social media) are actual photographs taken, and are true images of what guests can expect to experience. The brochure can be viewed on the website, reducing the necessity for mass print outs

Leaving a soft footprint
Guests at eco-lodges like Thala leave a soft footprint in an environmental journey towards a better world. They take away memories and an understanding that will inspire them and others for years to come. Their active involvement at Thala also assists in the environmental rehabilitation process. Rob & Oonagh Prettejohn and their staff are proud to be associated with the modern and thoughtful ethos for which Australia’s Eco Accreditation scheme upholds the highest standards.

Local Environment
Great sensitivity is paid to the natural environment that Thala shares with the local plants and animals. Thala has achieved the highest possible accreditation of eco tourism awarded to resorts and hotels and is a member of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World. Conservation and sustainability is a top priority for Thala and guests are encouraged to tread softly and appreciate the local environment.

Local Habitats
Thala Beach Nature Reserve contains some unique habitats ranging from rainforest, open woodlands, mangrove forest, grasslands, regrowth areas, a rich coastal marine environment and the coconut plantation, all surrounded in world heritage forest. The lodge itself is situated amongst a natural stand of Eucalyptus forest/dry woodland forest. The dominant species through this forest are the Eucalyptus platyphylla (commonly called Poplar Gums). Thala is locally famous for its fine display of these beautiful eucalypts. If you’re lucky you may spot Sugar Gliders and Striped Possums as they move through these trees feeding then roost in the tree hollows during the day.

Dry rainforest or vine thicket forest, as it’s sometimes described, is adjacent to the mangroves and sand dune systems. Rich in ground ferns, tall canopy trees and vines, this type of forest is rare on the coast these days. This forest contains many mixed species of plant life, some of which are very rare and endangered. This is an area you may come across bird life not often seen in other parts of the property. Orange footed scrub fowl nest here in large mounds of composting vegetation and have done so for many generations. A path makes its way gently through this forest continuing on to other habitats as it continues its circuit.

Behind the sand dunes of Oak Beach stretching to the southern end of the beach is a system of mangroves containing tidal creeks and lagoons with a rich array of salt-resistant mangrove plants. Some of these areas are easily accessed and our guides would be happy to enlighten you on these biologically rich tidal forests.

Grassland and regrowth forest are areas sugar cane once thrived , now pioneer trees and a mix of grasses dominate making it a perfect habitat for grazing wallabies.



Daintree Ecolodge

20 Daintree Road, 4873 Daintree, Australia

This unique boutique accommodation is nestled in the heart of the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest and offers 15 eco-friendly ‘bayans’ (treehouses) immersed in the canopy. Boasting majestic Bull Kauri trees, a private waterfall and dedicated walks.

The Daintree Ecolodge is the perfect destination to reconnect with nature and the people you love. Believed to be over 180 million years old, and the oldest tropical lowland rainforest on Earth, the Daintree Rainforest is a rare jewel in the crown of Mother Nature, where lush tropical rainforest meets sweeping white sand beaches and fringing coral reefs.

The Ecolodge features a main lodge with a bar, a rainforest restaurant and dining area overlooking the onsite lagoon, the Daintree Wellness Spa, an inviting swimming pool, private and pristine onsite waterfall and swimming hole and a multitude of quiet areas amongst the lush tropical rainforest to relax and unwind.

Fresh, clean water from the purest source combined with organic, healthy foods guarantee an uplifting and sustainable getaway.



Nestled high in the rainforest canopy, overlooking the onsite lily pad-strewn lagoon and Julaymba Restaurant, the five Lagoon Bayans are the Daintree Ecolodge’s entry-level room type and ideal for guests wishing to explore and discover the beauty and diversity of the region by day. The new styling features muted colours and natural tones of sage, ochre, grey and white, while soft dappled light is welcomed in through floor to ceiling glass screens and the private rainforest balcony.
Room Size: 46sqm
King bed & rollaway available to accommodate additional guest



As the name suggests, the Canopy Bayans are situated high in the lush fronds of the Daintree Rainforest offering uninterrupted views of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. This treehouse-style accommodation features a spacious bedroom and a screened balcony with daybed to relax and reconnect with nature. Access via stairs.
Room Size: 46sqm
King bed & rollaway available to accommodate additional guest



The three Rainforest Bayans are set closer to the rainforest floor amidst the ancient emerald vines and offer an ideal retreat for those seeking solitude or a romantic escape. Featuring a freestanding black bathtub on a private enclosed balcony overlooking the kaleidoscope of unique flora and fauna, the Rainforest Bayans allow guests to surrender to the soothing rainforest and sounds of the jungle.
Room Size: 46sqm
King bed & rollaway available to accommodate additional guest


Daintree Ecolodge is partially powered by solar panels. It is a carbon neutral property with Greenfleet offsetting, meaning all carbon emissions are compensated for by funding native reforestation projects.
Recycling all materials where possible and constantly exploring ways to improve on this.
Daintree Ecolodge donates $50 per guest stay to the Morris Family Foundation Reef Keepers Fund, supporting projects that protect and preserve the Great Barrier Reef. The Reef Keepers Fund has funded research and protection initiatives run by organisations such as James Cook University, World Wildlife Fund and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.
Toxic free cleaning – we use eWater as a cleaning product instead of harsh cleaning chemicals
We plant trees – our partnership with Rainforest Rescue allows us to assist in the reforestation of areas of the Daintree Rainforest that have been impacted by human development
A biocycle waste water treatment plant that allows 100% of the water to be recycled and used for irrigation and watering
An on-site herb and veggie patch which provides our chefs with a constant supply of fresh produce for guest meals
All organic waste from the kitchen is composted or fed to local livestock
We minimise the use of single-use plastics and packaging throughout the property, kitchen, restaurant and rooms
The removal of single use in-room personal products to reduce excess plastic waste. We are constantly on the lookout to reduce this further. One way we have recently put this into action is through the introduction of washable slippers, made from 100% recyclable materials
We provide stainless steel water bottles and ceramic keep cups as an environmentally friendly alternative for plastic water bottles and takeaway cups
Daintree Ecolodge supports the anti-straw movement to help clean up our oceans. Paper straws are available upon request
Supporting the Australian Marine Conservation Society in their ‘Good Fish Project’, that promotes sustainable consumption of Australian seafood
Our minibars are made-to-order, using products that are prepared in house or locally sourced. This aims to minimise food waste and single use packaging whilst simultaneously providing a healthy option for our guests and supporting local businesses
We commissioned custom made bags from social enterprise ‘Bibi and Me’ made by vulnerable single mother’s in Nakuru Kenya as a beach basket for guests, with option to purchase
We are a supporter of the local economy, working with local suppliers for everything, from food and beverage to art and activities offered to our guests
Our partnership with Thrive Refugee Enterprise allows us to help refugees in finding decent employment when arriving in Australia, to assist them in achieving long-term financial security
A commitment to sourcing local, organic, free range, fair trade, biodynamic and sustainably farmed produce and products
We adopt a nose-to-tail philosophy in our kitchen. This involves buying whole animals, practicing butchery in-house and using all off-cuts to minimise food waste
Our support of ‘Farmers For Climate Action’ reduces communication barriers between farmers, political parties and the media that assists farmers in voicing their climate change concerns.
We support the local school with a donation to help the kids build their kitchen gardens and run cooking classes to promote healthy eating from a young age
We support Gambina’s ‘Journey 2 Jobs’ program, that assists Indigenous Australians in obtaining an education and finding stable careers
We believe in equitable education across the globe and are a strong supporter of One Girl, a charity with the goal of educating one million girls across Africa to assist in their personal development and the sustainable development of the community at large


Daintree Ecolodge is proud to be an Eco Certified Advanced Ecotourism Property and Climate Action Business.


Mount Mulligan Lodge

Mount Mulligan Station, Mount Mulligan QLD 4871, Australia

Located on an entirely private 28,000 hectare outback property 160km north-west of Cairns, Mt Mulligan Lodge accommodates just 20 indulged guests at any one time, ensuring a rugged and intimate escape.

Offering all-inclusive luxury accommodation in the shadow of majestic Mount Mulligan, the lodge features four different accommodation types, a beautifully designed main pavilion for guest meals and relaxation, an infinity pool and sunset bar. Each guest room at Mt Mulligan Lodge is also assigned its own electric buggy for guests to zip to the communal Main Pavilion or the Sunset Bar.

A range of experiences have been designed to make the most of the rugged outback territory.  Mt Mulligan Lodge offers guided tours of the goldfields including a demonstration of Australia’s oldest operating gold crusher at Tyrconnell, exploration of the historic Mount Mulligan coal mine and abandoned township, ATV adventures discovering the history and beauty of the region, chef-prepared gourmet picnic hampers, wildlife spotting, sunset drinks overlooking the escarpment, stargazing, hikes around the southern face of Mount Mulligan, barramundi fishing in the weir, scenic helicopter flights and the chance to experience the day-to-day operations of a working cattle station.

The lodge accommodates just 16 guests in spacious guest retreats that complement the landscape and offer a luxurious and charming take on pastoral living. Each retreat is a sanctuary overlooking a eucalyptus-fringed weir and views of the ever-changing moods of Mount Mulligan.

The spacious retreats are contemporary and luxurious; yet retain a raw external charm with their spotted gum timber cladding, pitched roofs and deep verandahs. Inside, the earthy-tones of the plush linen, sisal rugs and lavish leather furniture give a rich sense of place, mirroring the hues found in the landscape outside. With its dark grey stone tiles and bronze fittings, the ensuite bathroom is both luxurious and calming. Slide open the glass and timber doors onto your private deck to run a deep outdoor bath, offering uninterrupted views of the Northern Queensland outback.

The spacious retreats are made for flexibility: the Outback Room is perfect for those travelling individually or as a duo, while the Outback Suite, with its adjoining lounge room, is ideal for those looking for additional space to unwind. The lounge is spacious, with a cosy wood-burning fire and private deck. The Outback Pavilion is the ultimate getaway for families and groups, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a communal lounge. One of the pavilions is wheelchair accessible and guests are assigned their own electric buggy to explore the sprawling property with ease.

Additional features in all retreats include; complimentary room mini-bar, daily housekeeping, optional climate control, complimentary laundry service, wi-fi, binoculars, yoga mats, music system (with MP3 input) and a safe. There are no TVs in any of the room types.


The lodge accommodates just 16 guests in spacious guest retreats that complement the landscape and offer a luxurious and charming take on pastoral living. Each retreat is a sanctuary overlooking a eucalyptus-fringed weir and views of the ever-changing moods of Mount Mulligan.

The spacious retreats are contemporary and luxurious; yet retain a raw external charm with their spotted gum timber cladding, pitched roofs and deep verandahs. Inside, the earthy-tones of the plush linen, sisal rugs and lavish leather furniture give a rich sense of place, mirroring the hues found in the landscape outside. With its dark grey stone tiles and bronze fittings, the ensuite bathroom is both luxurious and calming. Slide open the glass and timber doors onto your private deck to run a deep outdoor bath, offering uninterrupted views of the Northern Queensland outback.

All-Inclusive Accommodation Includes:

  • Three Gourmet Meals Daily
  • Quality Australian beer, Wine And Soft Drinks
  • All-Inclusive Mini Bar
  • Daily Curated Mount Mulligan Experience


The Outback Room, perfect for those travelling individually or as a duo, is situated on the water’s edge of a sparkling eucalyptus-fringed weir and captures the majestic beauty and moods of the 18-kilometre long sandstone escarpment of Mount Mulligan.
The spacious Outback Room is contemporary and luxurious; yet retains a raw external charm with its spotted gum timber cladding, pitched cathedral ceiling and deep verandah. Inside, the earthy-tones of the fine linen, sisal rug and dark green wall panelling give a rich sense of place, mirroring the colours found in the outback environment outside. With its dark grey natural stone tiles and bronze fittings, the ensuite bathroom is both luxurious and calming. On your private verandah, a corrugated iron water tank has been re-purposed as a deep outdoor bath, orientated to capture uninterrupted views of the Australian outback.


The Outback Suite, with its adjoining lounge room, is ideal for those looking for additional space to unwind in. The lounge is spacious, with a cosy wood-burning fire place, buttery tan leather furniture, and private deck with rounded outdoor dining table offering captivating views of the sparkling weir and the imposing ridges of Mount Mulligan.
The spacious Outback Suite is contemporary and luxurious; yet retains a raw external charm with its spotted gum timber cladding, pitched cathedral ceiling and deep verandah. Inside, the earthy-tones of the fine linen, sisal rug, and dark green wall panelling give a rich sense of place, mirroring the colours found in the outback environment outside. With its dark grey natural stone tiles and bronze fittings, the ensuite bathroom is both luxurious and calming. On your private verandah, a corrugated iron water tank has been re-purposed as a deep outdoor bath, orientated to capture uninterrupted views of the Australian outback.


The Outback Pavilion, a combination of an Outback Room and Outback Suite, is the ultimate getaway for families and groups, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a communal lounge.  The lounge is spacious, with a cosy wood-burning fire place, buttery tan leather furniture, and private deck with rounded outdoor dining table offering captivating views of the sparkling weir and the imposing ridges of Mount Mulligan.
The generously-sized Outback Pavilion is contemporary and luxurious; yet retains a raw external charm with its spotted gum timber cladding, pitched cathedral ceiling and deep verandahs. Inside, the earthy-tones of the fine linen, sisal rug, and dark green wall panelling give a rich sense of place, mirroring the colours found in the outback environment outside. With its dark grey natural stone tiles and bronze fittings, the ensuite bathrooms are both luxurious and calming. On your private verandahs, a corrugated iron water tank has been re-purposed as a deep outdoor bath, orientated to capture uninterrupted views of the Australian outback.

Mt Mulligan Activities

ATV Branch Tour For those who love adventure, nothing beats getting behind the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) exploring boulder-strewn creeks, navigating outback tracks and meeting the bovine locals before resting at the picturesque south end of Mount Mulligan, known as The Branch, to delight in a morning tea of freshly made treats.
Paddle Boarding Mt Mulligan Lodge provides stand-up paddle boards so you can enjoy some light exercise whilst taking in the scenery on the weir. You might even be lucky enough to sight a platypus!
Kayaking Experience the beauty of the weir from a kayak! Gently paddling at your own pace, take-in the scenery and silence of the outback. Alternatively, pack a fishing rod and ‘yak angle’ for some Barramundi from the comforts of your kayak.
The Lookout There’s nothing quite like watching the sun rise over the Hodgkinson Valley as Mount Mulligan wakes and dominates the surrounding landscape of gently rolling hills. Just a 10 to 15 minute ATV ride from the lodge, along the old railway tracks used for transporting coal from Mount Mulligan mine to Dimbulah, The Lookout is a great location to paint, photograph or enjoy a picnic from.
Wildlife & Birdwatching The environment at Mount Mulligan supports a range of fauna and flora with agile wallabies often spotted around the lodge and frequent opportunities to sight rainbow lorikeets, kookaburras and noisy friar birds to name a few species. Each year more than 50 new species of plants, algae, lichens and fungi are discovered in Queensland. In 2017, a plant species was discovered on Mount Mulligan and it’s the only place it grows in the world. When discovering the property, take one of our Mount Mulligan Naturalist Charts and identify the plants and animals around you.
Barramundi Fishing The weir at Mount Mulligan is home to Australian Barramundi. Cast your line from the riverbank or a kayak and try your luck. Mature Barramundi can be brought back to the lodge and prepared to your liking by the Chef.
Mt Mulligan Old Township & Coal Mine Tour Now a ghost town, the remains of the Mount Mulligan township are rich in history. Originally laid out in 1912 and abandoned in 1958, the once busy coal mining town now only consists of a cemetery, a single residence which was the former hospital, a chimney stack, and the electricity generator. The Mount Mulligan coal mine opened in 1915 but is sadly the site of Queensland’s worst mining disaster which took 75 workers lives in 1921. The derelict remains of the township and mine are eerie yet visually arresting and give an insight into how coal mines operated during that era. The township and mine can be explored by foot or ATV.
Mount Mulligan Cemetery Mount Mulligan Cemetery was established to serve the little town that sprang up in the early 20th century following the discovery of coal. Most of the headstones at the Mount Mulligan cemetery are dated 19 September 1921, the date of the gigantic coal dust explosion that claimed the lives of all 75 men working underground at the time. Those killed in the explosion made up approximately one quarter of the town’s population, leaving women widowed and children fatherless.
Tyrconnell Gold Mine Wind back time to the Australian Gold Rush era and explore the once operational Tyrconnell Gold Mine, the most famous mine on the Hodgkinson goldfield. Much of the infrastructure remains untouched, allowing visitors to uncover the history of this captivating site. Explore the site on a guided tour and view its 10-head gold stamper and a sleepy miner’s cottage. In its heyday of the 1930s around 100 people worked at the mine, earning about three pounds a week.
Sunset Bar Head over to our rustic Sunset Bar and enjoy a sun-downer as you watch Mount Mulligan escarpment come alive as the sun sets. Only a short 2-minute electric buggy ride from the lodge; bring a camera, grab a drink, meet fellow travellers, enjoy the sunset and take in the magical scenery!
Cattle Mustering Mount Mulligan is a 28,000-hectare working cattle station. Year-round cattle roam the property and cattle mustering is conducted on the property several times per year. Ask our reservation team for cattle mustering dates as guests can enjoy the full outback Australian experience by trying their hand at cattle mustering.
Stargazing As the sky darkens to a deep indigo and the last rays of sun slip beyond the horizon, the night sky at Mount Mulligan is lit by thousands of stars. Free from light polution, use the resident telescope or a set of binoculars to view the southern night sky in all its glory.


Implementation of a waste minimisation program, including limiting excess packaging, composting and glass crushing
Water tanks that allow for the water to be recycled and used for irrigation and watering
All organic waste from the kitchen is composted or fed to local livestock
Minimising the use of single-use plastics and packaging throughout the property, kitchen, restaurant and rooms
We are a supporter of the local economy, working with local suppliers for everything from food and beverage to art and activities offered to our guests
Our partnership with Ganbina, Australia’s most successful Indigenous school to work transition program, allows us to help Indigenous high school students to finish school, undertake further study or train and secure meaningful employment. Their model is now being applied at Ignatius Park College in Townsville with the support of the Morris Family Foundation
Our partnership with Thrive Refugee Enterprise allows us to help refugees in finding decent employment when arriving in Australia, to assist them in achieving long-term financial security
Mt Mulligan Lodge donates $50 per guest stay to the Morris Family Foundation Reef Keepers Fund, supporting projects that protect and preserve the Great Barrier Reef. The Reef Keepers Fund has funded research and protection initiatives run by James Cook University, World Wildlife Fund and the Australian Marine Conservation Society
The removal of single use in-room amenities to reduce excess plastic waste. We are constantly on the lookout to reduce this further; ways we have actioned this include the introduction of washable slippers made from 100% recyclable materials and refillable toiletry dispensers
Discouraging our guests from using plastics that may end up in the waterways we provide stainless steel water bottles as an environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic water bottles
Mt Mulligan Lodge supports the anti-straw movement to help clean up our oceans. Paper straws are available upon request
Supporting the Australian Marine Conservation Society in their ‘Good Fish Project’, that promotes sustainable consumption of Australian seafood
We adopt a nose-to-tail philosophy in our kitchen. This involves buying whole animals, practicing butchery in-house and using all off-cuts to minimise food waste
Our support of ‘Farmers For Climate Action’ reduces communication barriers between farmers, political parties and the media that assists farmers in voicing their climate change concerns
We work with local suppliers in the Far North Queensland region to source local, organic, free range, fair trade, biodynamic and sustainably-farmed produce and products
The lodge is primarily powered by solar energy and batteries
The Northern Escape Collection has partnered with Greenfleet to offset the carbon emissions of guests’ helicopter flights to Mt Mulligan Lodge. Our native forests take carbon from the atmosphere to restore and protect our climate, but they also do much more. Greenfleet utilises offset donations to plant a variety of native trees in permanent forests across Australia and New Zealand that help to reduce salinity and soil erosion, provide essential habitat for native wildlife and offer much needed resilience in our precious landscape.


Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

Cape Range National Park, 6707 Exmouth, Western Australia

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is an exclusive beach safari camp nestled in the dunes of the Cape Range National Park near Exmouth in Western Australia. Each of the 15 eco-luxe wilderness tents offers views of the surrounding bush and over the Indian Ocean and the fringing Ningaloo Reef.

Your safari style tent is the ultimate in bush luxury. Wake to the song of a butcher bird, the raucous squawks of a galah or the thump of a wallaroo passing by. At night fall asleep to the sound of the waves on the beach and under a blanket of hundreds of thousands of stars.

Fill your days however you choose, relax in your tent’s hammock and watch the world go by, or laze on the beach and paddle in the warm Indian Ocean waters. Our most popular experiences are in the water, as here on the Ningaloo Reef you can swim alongside the majestic whale sharks and the magnificent humpback whales.

Right off the shores of our camp, you will have access to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef where you will find more than 500 species of colourful fish, 250 coral species, rays and turtles. Our guides want you to fall in love with this little patch of paradise and will tailor activities to suit the weather and tides. Let us take you into the rugged landscapes of the Cape Range National Park and introduce you to Australia’s unique flora and fauna. You’ll spot red kangaroos, wallaroos, rock wallabies, goannas, echidnas and more than 100 bird species of all the colours of the rainbow.


idden in the dunes overlooking the pristine beach, Sal Salis brings a touch of eco-luxe style to this remote and beautiful wilderness. Designed to blend with the environment, Sal Salis’ spacious wilderness tents sit on raised platforms and offer wonderful views of the natural surrounds and the ocean beyond, as well as comfortable beds and an eco-en suite bathroom.

Sal Salis provides a unique and natural place from which to explore and take in the extraordinary environment and wildlife that surrounds it. Imagine waking to the song of birds as you catch a glimpse of kangaroos grazing among the dunes, or the spectacle of breaching whales as you tuck into breakfast or enjoy a morning swim in Ningaloo’s crystal-clear waters. Sal Salis ensures an exclusive experience that is both intimate and personal

All-Inclusive Accommodation Includes:

  • All Gourmet Meals Daily
  • Acoholic & non-alcoholic drinks from a select open bar
  • National Park fees
  • Use of all water activity equipment
  • Guided walks in the Cape Range National Park
  • Reef snorkels
  • Kayaking and kayaking snorkels


Your spacious, airy tent is an oasis of comfort that allows you to take in the sounds of the surrounding bush and nearby ocean. The handmade jarrah beds are fitted with quality cotton sheets giving you an incredible night’s sleep drifting off listening to the sound of the ocean.


This extra special tent is situated a little further away from camp, so you’re guaranteed solitude. The long, wide front deck has a double hammock, perfect for reading, snoozing or canoodling. The honeymoon tent gives you a perfect view over the seemingly private white sand beach, with Ningaloo Reef just beyond. Step inside and a four-poster bed is draped with mosquito netting – to be truthful it is more about romance than mozzies as in our semi-arid environment there is so little fresh water that mosquitos are never a problem. You’ll soon discover that those wonderful ocean views can be enjoyed from that romantic bed and from the shower too. And whilst we are calling it the Honeymoon Tent, we know it is perfect for any two people … provided you are in love!

The Lodge

The main lodge is the centre of camp life, raised above the sand and coastal scrub with views out onto the reef and Indian Ocean, it is the place to gather for meals and relaxation. Our lodge includes a small reference library with a variety of board games and a comfortable lounge area with self-service bar – an ideal spot for relaxing during the heat of the day with a cold drink and good book.
We believe in sharing stories and sundowners, so we dine together in the lodge. Every evening we gather for sundowners and canapes and toast the sunset over the ocean. You’ll get to know your fellow guests and experience those famous WA sunsets whilst sipping a cool drink and putting your feet up. Dinner is served by candlelight and with lanterns so you can take in the breath-taking beauty of our starry sky. Our chef prepares delicious meals based on the season and uses locally sourced ingredients. Meal times are special here; we chat, break bread and soak up the unique atmosphere.
After dinner, sit in the open air and look up – the number of stars is simply astonishing, and the location is known to be one of the best places to see the Milky Way. Our lodge guides bring to life the myriad of stars and point out the many different constellations filling the night sky.
Food at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is taken very seriously. Our resident chef prepares a contemporary and delicious menu daily featuring seasonal, local produce and hints of bush food and local, fresh fish. We aim to support our local producers so you will find excellent Western Australian wines on the drink’s menu, alongside other regional wine, beers, spirits and a wide selection of soft drinks and juices. Meals are shared with your fellow guests and are served at the lodge or on the deck. A hot breakfast is accompanied by fresh fruit, cereal and a selection of bread or pastries with condiments, followed by lunch later in the day. Around sunset, canapés are served, which you can enjoy with a glass of wine whilst the guides brief you on the next day’s activities. Dinner is the real foodie highlight – each night you will enjoy a three-course meal, carefully created and brought to the table out of a simple camp kitchen!


Protecting & respecting our unique environment

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is located within the Cape Range National Park and on the shores of one of the world’s greatest fringing coral reefs. Guests come to Sal Salis to experience the pristine natural environment, the prolific marine life of Ningaloo Reef and the amazing diversity of fauna and flora.

Sal Salis is a model ecotourism development camp operated under Parks and Wildlife Service and by virtue of the small size (15 Wilderness Tents) the impact on the environment is minimal. The following facts will give you an understanding of our commitment to maintain and protect this environment for the benefit of future generations.

Construction of the Camp

The camp was built with a minimal impact on the environment i.e. the rooms and the main lodge facility are constructed above ground level to protect the fauna and flora. Boardwalks also prevent unnecessary soil erosion and all guests are reminded to keep to the designated foot-paths while walking around the camp. The colour of the tents and the lodge ensures that the camp blends in naturally with the surrounding landscape.

Power Generation

Almost 100% of the camp’s power is generated by the sun through an array of solar panels to ensure a predominantly clean source of energy and preserve the peace and quiet of this pristine area. There is no internet connection or signal at Sal Salis, so computers and mobile phones are not a distraction to guests. There is however a 220-volt power point available for guests to charge their camera batteries in the main lodge area.

Hot water is heated by gas, and the tents are not equipped with air-conditioning or hairdryers! All the tents face the ocean which allows the coastal breeze to naturally cool the interior and at the same time expose guests to the sights and sounds of the surrounding bush and ocean. Each en-suite bathroom has a Nature Loo (these very effective composting toilets are transported off-site to be cleaned) and the grey water from the showers and hand basins is carefully managed to ensure only filtered water is dispensed back into the ground.


The linen is supplied by EcoDownUnder, which is organic cotton and chemical free. All laundry is transported back to Exmouth for processing. Our sheets are a sand colour and are not bleached to maintain pure whiteness. Their composition means that we can hang dry and eliminate the need for ironing.

Guest Amenities

Soaps for guests are produced locally, are chemical free and incorporate native herbs. We supply organic shampoos and conditioners for guests staying at Sal Salis and we urge guests to refrain from using non-eco bathroom products during their stay. Individual solar lanterns provide a safe lighting feature along the pathways to guide guests back to their tents at night.


In keeping with best practice ecosustainability, our landlords (The Department of Parks and Wildlife) requirements and our own sustainable policies, each tent is allocated 20 litres of water per person, per day. Restricting fresh water run-off not only reduces the likelihood of weed growth but protects the Ningaloo Reef, as ultimately the shower water will percolate through the soil, adding fresh water to our shoreline and to the Reef. Under normal circumstances and with judicious use, 20 litres of water should be ample for daily needs. We have a 3-minute shower time policy, and recommend a swim in the ocean as the best way to freshen up in the morning.

Drinking Water

Filtered drinking water is provided at camp and guests are encouraged to refill their personal drinking containers. As part of our commitment to the environment we are trying to find acceptable alternatives to the plastic drinking bottles which litter our shores and we ask our guests to participate in this awareness campaign.

Parks and Wildlife Service

Sal Salis operates under a lease agreement with Western Australia’s Parks and Wildlife Service in what is a role model partnership between National Parks and private sector tourism and with the aim of conserving the region’s natural environment through educational and environmentally sound tourism operations. In addition to the park entrance fees, 5% of our turnover goes to Western Australia’s Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Parks and Wildlife Service to assist in their conservation work directly in the Cape Range National Park

Recycling and Waste

All the waste generated by the camp is carefully transported back to the Exmouth waste depot. Where possible chemical containers are all reused. Used bottles and cans are separated at camp and returned to the Exmouth recycle depot.


Wherever possible we make use of products that are local to the Exmouth Region and Western Australia.


Eco Beach Resort

Lot 323 Great Northern Hwy, Broome, Western Australia 6725

Eco Beach Resort is a multi award-winning eco resort set amongst the pristine and untouched Kimberley environment. Just over an hour’s drive south of Broome, accommodation at our eco resort provides guests with an unforgettable and unique wilderness experience whilst having minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. Our eco friendly holiday accommodation near Broome is perfectly suited to every taste.

The exceptional accommodation at our eco resort includes 25 superbly appointed Eco Villas interlinked by over 1km of elevated wooden boardwalks, and 30 luxurious safari style Eco Tents. For larger groups we also offer The Beach Houses, striking ocean front accommodation with amazing views of the Indian Ocean.



Eco Tents are perfect for those who want to be close to nature whilst still enjoying comfort and convenience. This option suits couples and families wanting a casual family holiday.


Perfectly suited for couples enjoying a getaway, our one bedroom Eco Villas offer you your own luxurious space to enjoy.


Eco Beach’s two Beach Houses offer the perfect holiday option for families and friends looking to reunite and rejuvenate. Set upon a cliff top overlooking the Indian Ocean and Kimberley bushland, these stylishly appointed group abodes sleep 6 people each.


Karijini Eco Retreat

National Park, Off Weano Rd, Karijini Western, Australia 6751

Karijini Eco Retreat is an ecologically friendly and environmentally aware retreat, located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It offers comfortable, luxurious furnished tents with en suite bathroom.

These well-designed tents include high-quality beds and linen. Each has a front and rear deck, and the interior is spacious and stylish.

The retreat uses solar power and all floors are made from recycled timber. Each deluxe eco tent has limited power and lights, and are naturally ventilated.

Eco Retreat Karijini features an on-site al fresco restaurant and bar. There is also a kiosk and shared barbecue facilities.

Karijini Eco Retreat is located in Karijini National Park, 1,400 km north of Perth. Attractions include the Circular Pool, Dales Gorge, Fortescue Falls and Mt Bruce. Please note that once inside the National Park, access to the Eco Retreat is via approximately 35 km of road, 3 km of which is unsealed but regularly graded.


Stay in one of the Eco Tents for a comfortable and natural “Glamping” experience for you to enjoy after your day of exploring all the many stunning sites within the National Park.
These tents are semi-permanent structures that incorporate ecologically sustainable principles and can easily be erected and dismantled in remote areas with little impact to the natural environment using recycled materials wherever possible.

Eco-friendly features/Design:
• Minimal power for low wattage applications (Charging camera battery/iPod)
• Solar power
• Grey water treatment
• Natural ventilation (No air-conditioner)
• Floor made from composite timber
• Flow showerheads & spring loaded taps
• Recycled toilet paper
• Use of natural products only


Eco-tent features: • Own private ensuite bathroom • Front and rear deck • Spacious stylish interiors • King or Twin bed • Quality bedding and linen (100% cotton sheets/brushed cotton blankets)



Eco-tent features: • Own private ensuite bathroom • Front and rear deck • Spacious stylish interiors • 3 single beds • Quality bedding and linen (100% cotton sheets/brushed cotton blankets)



Eco-tent features: • Own private ensuite bathroom • Front and rear deck • Spacious stylish interiors • King size bed + bunk beds (max 4 persons) • Quality bedding and linen (100% cotton sheets/brushed cotton blankets)


Hawk Dreaming Wilderness Lodge

Cannon Hill, near Ubirr, Kakadu National Park

The lodge is situated in an extremely special and justifiably renowned part of the Park, known as Cannon Hill, which has abundant wildlife, especially bird and marine life, and where a large diversity of the Park’s landscape elements come together.

At this exclusive and restricted area of Kakadu National Park, where less that 1000 people a year gain access is the Hawk Dreaming Wilderness Lodge. The lodge features just 12 twin share ensuited tented safari cabins.

The area has considerable importance to the local Aboriginal people, some of whom still live nearby to the lodge. In fact the whole of the Cannon Hill area where the camp is situated is a registered sacred site. The sandstone outliers around Cannon Hill host significant rock art dating back many thousands of years.

In the evening a delicious meal will be presented for you by our resident camp host. Enjoy an authentic Aussie experience as you relax around a campfire under the stars. Retire to the comfort of your tented safari cabin at the end of a memorable day.


Exclusive access to Kakadu restricted area
Comfortable tented safari cabins with ensuite facilities and decks
Daily safari to explore aboriginal art and sunset on the escarpment included
Three-course dinner and breakfast included
Operates: May to 10 September


Your stay includes all meals & rock art sunset tour.


Anbinik Kakadu Resort

83 Jabiru Drive, Jabiru, Northern Territory, 0886, Australia

Anbinik Kakadu Resort offers guests award winning architecturally designed accommodation in Jabiru, central to most of Kakadu National Park’s icon attractions.

Set in tranquil tropical surroundings it is within walking distance of the local restaurants, supermarket, Jabiru Town Plaza and the Bowali Visitor Centre. Anbinik offers a range of accommodation styles – its famous bush bungalows, air-conditioned double rooms, spacious two bedroom cabins & our Anbinik suites new with indoor outdoor bathrooms and powered van sites with own ensuite. Tea and coffee making facilities, fridge and cooking equipment are all available. Facilities include pool, seasonal cafe, guest laundromats, barbeques and a tour desk.


Anbinik Suites

The Anbinik Suites are award winning designed which captures the essence of our location within Kakadu National Park. There are 14 Anbinik Suites, 4 with Disabled access, allowing the benefit of both indoor and outdoor showers, within the ensuites. These Suites can also be configured to 2 x singles, when required. The option of air-conditioning, fan or natural breeze. Surround by natural lush tropical vegetation, which can be enjoyed from your outdoor day bed on your private verandah. You will also enjoy fridge, TV, and coffee and tea making facilities. Parking is provided at the rear of your Anbinik Suite.


Two Bedroom Cabins

These are spacious two bedroom self-contained cabins that offer the option of airconditioning an natural ventilation via banks of cedar louvres and ceiling fans. With bedding combinations to suit your needs, for example two double beds and a single bed or one double and three single beds catering to up to five people. Some cabins have balconies.


Double Rooms

The double rooms are six private double rooms, all under one roof with a communal kitchen area and caters for up to two people. Each room offers the option of airconditioning and natural ventilation via banks of cedar louvres and ceiling fans. These rooms are perfect for extended families or travelling groups. Individual rooms are furnished with either a double bed or two single beds.


Bush Bungalows

The bush bungalows are unique safari style structures catering for up to four people. Designed for the environment, they are set up off the ground and are well ventilated with ceilings fans. Each bungalow is set among a lush, tropical garden setting and are furnished with a double bed and a bunk bed or three single beds (which includes a bunk bed).





Moored offshore at Hardy Reef, 40 nautical miles from Airlie Beach, Australia

Spend a magical night in Australia’s first underwater accommodation and have a front row seat to the dazzling underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. Be prepared for an intimate experience that will stay with you forever.

Moored offshore at Hardy Reef, 40 nautical miles from Airlie Beach, Reefworld is the setting for your spectacular overnight Reefsuite experience. Relaunching in 2019, the revamped pontoon hosts day trippers, on-deck Reefsleep guests and a lucky few who’ll head below deck for a private, all-inclusive Reefsuite experience.

Begin your journey with a cruise through the Whitsunday Islands to Hardy Reef onboard our high-speed vessel, arriving at the reef around 11am. After lunch, guests can snorkel, dive, swim or take a scenic helicopter flight to see famous Heart Reef (additional cost). Day visitors depart mid-afternoon and then overnight guests have Hardy Reef and Reefworld all to themselves.

Watch a stunning sunset with a drink in hand before enjoying a starlit long-table dinner on the pontoon’s upper deck. After dinner, Reefsuite guests can retreat to the privacy of their undersea accommodation. Sit back, relax and watch as the reef comes to life through the floor to ceiling windows.

Reefsuites give a whole new meaning to ‘a room with a view’ and you’ll awake to see the marine life going about another day on the world-heritage listed reef they call home. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and an exclusive morning on the reef before heading home in the afternoon with memories that will stay with you forever.


  • Arrive at your unique accommodation via a scenic cruise through the Whitsundays
  • Two underwater rooms available (king double or twin single options)
  • Each room features premium bedding, glass-walled en suite and floor-to-ceiling views of the spectacular underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef
  • All meals including breakfast, morning and afternoon teas and dinner
  • All beverages including beer and wine (cocktails and spirits at an additional cost)
  • Spectacular dining experience under the stars
  • Activities at the reef including a private guided snorkelling tour and semi-submarine tour
  • Access to the underwater observatory
  • Optional activities (own expense): scuba diving and heli-scenic flights
Room features premium bedding, glass-walled en suite and floor-to-ceiling views of the spectacular underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef


Roar and Snore Taronga Zoo

2 Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088 Australia

Camp in safari tents in the heart of Australia’s most famous zoo, and wake to spectacular views of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Roar and Snore is a fully hosted experience that includes architecturally designed tents, a sumptuous roast feast, drinks in the main tent and up-close animal encounters. It offers a unique opportunity to stay in Taronga Zoo’s campsite with views of Sydney Harbour on one side and Lions, Sumatran Tigers and Meerkats on the other.

Wake the next morning to a glorious sunrise, the roar of a lion or an elephant trumpeting as you prepare to experience the Zoo before the crowds. Feed a giraffe or pat a seal as you go behind the scenes to learn the secrets of this famous and fascinating Zoo.

A night at Taronga Zoo’s Roar and Snore is an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Your stay itinerary:

6:15 pm Program starts
6:30 pm Walk to campsite
7:15 pm Meet a creature
8:00 pm Buffet Dinner served
9.00 pm Zoo night safari enjoy the animals and harbour views
10.00 pm Unwind at campsite with dessert
10.30pm Camp lights out… Early start!
6:45 am Rise and shine
7:30 am Behind the scenes number 1
8.15 am Behind the scenes tour number 2
9.00am Continental breakfast
9.30am Program finishes.



Glamping tents


Taronga has an absolute commitment to the conservation of wildlife in Australia and around the world. We are committed to the conservation of native species, with active involvement in breed and release programs, habitat recovery and the rehabilitation and release of injured or orphaned wildlife. We are committed to the preservation of our Legacy Species, ten critical species found in Australia and Sumatra. And we are committed to protecting and sustaining wildlife in their natural habitats, and provide support for work in the field through national and international conservation partnerships, field grants and fellowships.


Bamurru Plains

Mary River Flood Plain, 0800 Point Stuart, Australia

Located to the west of Kakadu National Park on the Mary River floodplains, Bamurru Plains is a unique bush camp teeming with bird and animal life. It offers bungalows set amongst native bushland. Guests can enjoy river cruises, 4WD tours and safaris nearby.

During the heat of the day, guests can enjoy the cooling waters of the infinity pool, or relax on the deck. A chef is available to cook delicious meals prepared with local ingredients. The bar is open all day so you can enjoy a crisp white wine, a gin and tonic or sparkling water whenever you wish.

Each bungalow is built on stilts overlooking the floodplains frequented by bird and animal life. Rooms include a cold water thermos, reading material on the local flora and fauna, a species list and binoculars so you can appreciate the wildlife around you. Organic cotton bedding and a pillow menu are provided for maximum comfort.

All meals served in the lodge building are wholesome and often made from fresh local produce. They are shared communally with guests, guides and hosts in an informal setting.

Bamurru Plains is a 25-minute flight or a 3-hour drive from Darwin and 2.5 hours’ drive west of Jabiru in Kakadu National Park.


Bamurru is built amongst the savannah bush fringing the floodplains to provide a high level of comfort whilst giving guests unobstructed views of the surrounding wetlands and their teeming populations of birds and animals.

This beautiful wilderness region of over 300 square kilometres is shared by about 20 guests. The main lodge provides an oasis of tropical calm in the midst of a noisy wildlife spectacle; comfortable wicker sofas; a well stocked library offers a collection of reference books on the Top End and Australia’s natural heritage. During the heat of the day the cooling waters of the infinity pool beckon and later the lodge deck is the ideal place to watch wildlife graze through the camp. An expert chef conjures up delicious meals, peppered with local ingredients. Anytime of the day you can help yourself to a cold drink from the bar – be it a crisp white wine, a gin and tonic or sparkling water – best enjoyed with one of Bamurru’s spectacular sunsets.


Spacious and cool, each of the nine safari bungalows are built on stilts overlooking the floodplains frequented by a myriad of bird and animal life. Mesh screens serve as your walls on three sides of your Safari Bungalow. Being surrounded by semi-transparent screens provides an experience in which you can hear, see and almost touch the wildlife and wilderness around you. The alarm clock in the morning is the call of Magpie Geese, after whom the camp is named, as the orange light of dawn spreads across the floodplain, all is audible and visible without having to leave your bed! The focus is on a supremely comfortable bed (organic cotton linen, pillow menu) and a spacious ensuite bathroom with high pressure showers. In addition to corrugated iron and lantern lighting, the bungalow décor reflects the region’s earlier indigenous, hunting and pastoral history with buffalo horns, explorer’s maps, Aboriginal art work and fish traps as well as old photos providing a sense of the human heritage of the area. Each room has a cold water thermos, local flora and fauna reading materials and species list. You won’t find a television, CD player, mini bar or even mobile phone reception here – a true escape to your immediate environment. At night, the only sound is the meanderings of marsupials in the foliage and the croak of frogs.


Our largest safari bungalow is the Kingfisher Suite with expansive floodplain views through Bamurru’s trademark ceiling to floor mesh walls. It really does feel as if you are right amongst it with an intimate sense of connection to the wildlife and wilderness outside. With 81m2 space in the bedroom alone, the suite features a king size bed, generous lounge area and space to accommodate a family of five in comfort. For honeymooners looking for a sense of privacy, the size of the Kingfisher Suite allows for an intimate in-room candlelit dinner with only the sounds of the bush as company. The bathroom features twin basins and showers, within a décor of rustic chic timber and recycled corrugated walls, utterly in tune with the environment and pastoral heritage of the area. For maximum exposure (and only the local Agile Wallabies as company) the suite also offers a shower with full ceiling to floor views across the floodplain and surrounding paperbark forests.


The wildlife on show at Bamurru Plains is some of the most impressive in Australia. Our guides will reveal it to you on fascinating excursions across the property.

Bamurru has over 300 square kilometres of private concession to be explored by just a few lucky guests. So large is the property that there are four distinct habitats – floodplains and wetlands full of magpie geese and big crocs; stunning melaleuca forests, savannah woodlands where you might bump into brumbies, buffalo, dingos and wallabies; and finally a riverine environment where the silver flashes of fish or sunbathing crocs will catch your eye as you cruise slowly by.

Our expert field guides are the key to unlocking Bamurru’s wild secrets when you explore the property via airboat, open top safari drive, walks, quad bikes and more. Many of the activities below are inclusive in our

AIRBOAT SAFARIS Bamurru’s signature experience is a thrilling ride across the floodplains by airboat. This wildlife-packed journey takes you from wide open grasslands to a lagoon surrounded by peeling paper bark trees. Feel the rush as you skim the surface at speed then float in silence listening to the sound of nothing but the bush.


BIRDING The Mary River catchment is home to some 236 species of bird, many of which are found at Bamurru Plains. The significance of this particular property comes in the variety of habitat: black soil floodplains, paperbark swamps, savannah woodland, river mangroves and coastal beaches support an extraordinary diversity of birdlife. For serious birders we can arrange for private experiences with ornithologists who specialise in this region of Australia.


RIVER CRUISES Our relaxing river cruise takes you for a meander along the Sampan Creek, home to countless crocodiles and even more birds. This riverine habitat showcases different scenery and wildlife to elsewhere on the property, with mangroves lining the banks of the creek and the occasional barra leaping out of the water.


OPEN TOP GAME DRIVES One of the best ways to see the variety of wildlife that teems here is on an open-top game drive, more akin to an African safari across the savannah. You’ll see agile wallabies, estuarine crocodiles, wild horses, buffalo’s and some of the 236 bird species on the property.


GUIDED WALKS A guided walking safari at Bamurru is the perfect antidote to a busy life. You’re compelled to slow down and absorb the sights and sounds of the bush, understanding how every element has its place. At this pace, nature has a way of showing you what’s important.


THE HIDE Raised six metres above the ground in the tree canopy overlooking the Mary River floodplain, The Hide is the ultimate eyrie from which birdlife and other wildlife can be observed undisturbed in their natural habitat. The Hide gives guests a unique perspective on this fragile environment.


QUAD BIKE TOURS Criss-crossing between floodplain savannah, monsoonal forests and dry, open areas dotted with termite mounds alongside buffalo and brumbies, explore Bamurru from the wheel of your own quad bike.


KAKADU DAY EXCURSION Just a short hop by light aircraft across the river systems that separate Bamurru Plains from Kakadu brings you to the heart of this country. Rock art galleries reveal stories of Aboriginal people and their ancient culture. Textures of colours, vistas across savannah woodlands and floodplains provide a sense of the spirituality of this ancient landscape.


PHOTOGRAPHY Bamurru’s abundance of bird and wildlife, sweeping vistas and stunning sunrises and sunsets offer both the novice and experienced photographers first-class opportunities to take magical photographs. At certain times of the year we run specific photography courses.


BARRAMUNDI FISHING In the wet, the Mary River floodplains are full of water and Barra, as are the creeks of the Mary River System which adjoin Bamurru Plains. The highlight for any fisherman at Bamurru however, is fishing out on the floodplains by airboat.

Food and Wine

After you’ve woken to the laugh of a blue-winged kookaburra, the soundtrack of the corellas’ cacophony and the chorus of thousands of magpie geese, enjoy a light breakfast such as freshly baked wild berry & wattle seed muffins, ‘bush eggs’ any style on sourdough with bacon, tomato, warrigal green & kutjera relish or house blend bircher museli with Manuka honey, bush apple and a dollop of vanilla bean yoghurt.

Lunch is generally served on the wildlife observation deck overlooking the floodplains, where you might enjoy citrus and fennel warm chicken salad with roasted macadamia nuts while watching a changing cast of birds, brumbies, buffalo and wallabies.

Canapés and sundowners are enjoyed out in the wilderness during your afternoon activity or on the lodge deck just before dinner. 

Nightly, a three-course dinner hosted by one of your field guides is served at the long timber dining table as frogs break into a croaky serenade. The menu features Australian bush-inspired recipes. Watch our chef create his favourite bush spiced duck confit in the open kitchen from the dinner table.

Guests can help themselves to drinks at any time from the self-service bar offering a variety of refreshments, including an after dinner tipple for those so inclined. 


El Questro Homestead

El Questro Wilderness Park, El Questro Rd, Durack WA

Nestled within the Kimberley’s vast and ancient landscape and hidden amongst burnt-orange cliffs and lush, green lawns sits El Questro Homestead, a pocket of luxurious exclusivity where you’re encouraged to make yourself at home.

This nine-suite hideaway is surrounded by avenues of frangipani trees and, once inside, offers chic yet cosy and comfortable interiors where bedrooms are cantilevered over the still and tranquil Chamberlain River.

Each day at the Homestead is likely to start with birdsong and end with a locally sourced three-course dinner, and matched wines, under a blanket of stars. During a stay at the Homestead guests are offered complimentary excursions, allowing for a fully immersive Kimberley experience.

With almost 700,000 acres to explore, the Homestead’s surrounding landscape is dramatic and expansive with something to offer everyone from adventurous explorers down to novice hikers and first-time four-wheel drivers.


Perched on a cliff top with vistas of one of the prettiest locations on the Chamberlain River, The Homestead is a relaxed retreat catering to a maximum of 18 guests.

In every El Questro Homestead stay and in all of the Homestead Special Offers are the following inclusions:

  • Luxury accommodation at El Questro Homestead
  • Gourmet meals daily
  • A fine selection of wine, beer, basic spirits and sparkling wine
  • Selected tours within El Questro including:
  • The Chamberlain Cruise
  • Access to your own self-drive private boat
  • The Bush Culture, History & Nature Tour
  • Bird Watching Tour
  • Exclusive and complimentary use of Zebedee Thermal Springs each afternoon
  • Sunset at Buddy’s Point
  • Guided Walks to the most spectacular gorges the Kimberley region has to offer
Please note, El Questro Homestead caters to guests 16 years and above.


El Questro Homestead’s most luxurious suite is perched atop the Chamberlain Gorge and, from the suite’s wrap around veranda, offers awe-inspiring views from which to enjoy sunset and sunrise. From the suite’s outdoor relaxing lounge and dining area you can rest and reminisce about your day before bathing in the private double deluxe bath overlooking the Chamberlain Gorge and enjoy a drink before dinner.



The freestanding Cliff Side Retreats are situated at the edge of a sheer escarpment overlooking the wild and natural beauty of the Kimberley. Uninterrupted views of the Chamberlain Gorge can be enjoyed from your luxurious feather topped bed. Secluded by high stone garden walls your privacy is assured as you enjoy the free-standing outdoor bath.


These stylish and modern rooms feature private decks overlooking the spectacular Chamberlain Gorge. Watch the sunrise with a morning cup of coffee before getting ready for another adventure-filled day or relax at the end of the day in the private al fresco stone bathtub cantilevered, again with views over the Gorge.
Homestead rooms offer private verandas overlooking the contrast of the lush gardens and the rich red expanse beyond. With lounge furniture from which to relax and unwind at the end of the day, watch the sunset before heading to the evening drinks, canapes and dinner under the stars.


A stay at the Homestead would be incomplete without heading out into its surrounding outback to explore the extraordinary beauty of this unique part of the world. El Questro is awash with more than 700,000 acres of rugged ranges, towering gorges, crystal clear waters, breathtaking sunsets and, of course, the ancient Boab tree and it’s all there on the Homestead’s doorstep.

We want our guests to feel fully immersed in everything this extraordinary pocket of Australia has to offer, which is why the Homestead runs complimentary, and exclusive experiences for all guests. Facilitated by El Questro’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic rangers, Homestead experiences are always tailored, and customised, to guests’ individual preferences, all that’s required is choosing how to best explore El Questro — by helicopter, 4WD, boat or on foot. 

Our Homestead experiences include boating out onto crystal clear waters and taking a cruise through sun-lit gorges, stopping only to feed the local fish, or joining your guide in a 4WD Safari vehicle for a history,  nature and wildlife tour. The Big Day Out is our signature, it is a day which allows for plenty of opportunities to spot the Kimberley Big 5: brolgas, jabirus, saltwater crocodiles, bullocks and wallaroos.

Separate from the complimentary experiences, one can see El Questro from a different perspective by heading into the Kimberley sky and taking a Homestead helicopter tour to untouched and unexplored areas of the property. We run a number of different helicopter experiences where you’ll soar over vast lush rainforests and between sunlit cliffs before landing next to remote water holes and cascading waterfalls before enjoying a swim and gourmet picnic before heading home. Alternatively, enjoy the sights from a scenic airplane flight to iconic Kimberley locations further afield.

With so many experiences to choose from the only decision Homestead guests need to make is which one to do first. 

Boating through El Questro’s Gorges
Take a private cruise along the Chamberlain River, or enjoy a self guided adventure in a self drive boat. For something even more spectacular, the Explosion Gorge and Branco’s Lookout tour is a great way to experience the outback, finishing with incredible views and bubbly; the perfect end to a memorable day.

Private Chamberlain Cruise:
Complimentary to Homestead guests

Self-Drive Boats:
Complimentary to Homestead guests
Nature & Wildlife Tours
Learn about the pioneers of El Questro, take in the incredible views from up high on a lookout and discover the area’s flora and fauna. One of the Homestead’s most loved experiences is the Big Day Out, where you will circumnavigate the Cockburn Range, explore the wonders of El Questro and enjoy an incredible lunch prepared by your Homestead chef.

Bush Culture, History and Nature Tour:
Complimentary to Homestead guests

Bird Watching Tour:
Complimentary to Homestead guests
A Touch of Romance
Exclusive use of Zebedee Springs is offered to Homestead guests every afternoon. Walk through dense tropical vegetation to a series of thermal pools and small waterfalls – the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate after a busy day. For an unparalleled romantic excursion unreachable by road or by walking, fly by helicopter to the incredible Miri Miri Falls.

Zebedee Thermal Springs:
Complimentary to Homestead guests
El Questro from Above
To truly experience the magic of El Questro, take it all in from the air on a scenic helicopter flight or 4WD adventure to an incredible vantage point with a view like no other.

Sunset at Buddy’s Point:
Complimentary to Homestead guests
For the Adventurous
For those up for a more strenuous adventure, enjoy spectacular guided gorge walks, horse riding and hidden waterfalls, caves and springs by helicopter.

Spectacular Guided Gorge Walks:
Complimentary to Homestead Guests
Catch an Elusive Barramundi
Choose from either freshwater or saltwater destinations within El Questro’s 700,000 acres of wilderness
Experience the Wonders of El Questro’s Neighbours
Surrounding El Questro are some of Australia’s most renowned natural wonders, which you can see from the air, including the Bungle Bungle Range, Mitchell Falls, Lake Argyle and the Kimberley Coast.

Food and Wine

Dining at the Homestead
Dining at El Questro Homestead is an inclusive part of your stay with us and is an extension of your Kimberley experience with menus inspired by the richness of the produce of the Ord River Valley.

Guests enjoy breakfast on the wide, sweeping veranda with uninterrupted views to the Chamberlain Gorge as they watch the morning sun warm the surrounding ranges with a soft pink glow.

Lunch is served at communal dining table under a shady awning as guests swap tales of their morning adventures and enjoy a chilled glass of Western Australian white wine.
Dinner is hosted under the stars, at either the communal table or guests may dine privately at one of the three locations overlooking the Gorge. The modern Australian menu, changes daily and showcases local, seasonal produce.


The Louise

Marananga, Barossa & Clare Valley, South Australia

The Louise, an idyllic luxury vineyard retreat, encompassing acclaimed restaurant Appellation, is situated on a gentle hill surrounded by hundreds of acres of vines, with breathtaking vistas across the world renowned Barossa Valley.  Just fifteen luxuriously appointed suites, each with its own terrace, are sited to provide guests with complete privacy.  The look is soft contemporary, with inspired design and artworks a focus in every suite.

Casual and elegant are the hallmarks of destination restaurant Appellation, co-located with The Louise, where an inspired culinary team guides one of Australia’s finest regional dining venues. Understated, informed service and intimate ambience complement a Seasonal Selections menu focused on locally sourced produce. The daily changing Chef’s Tasting Menu has garnered regional, state and national awards and recognition. Appellation’s extensive wine list presents the best of the Barossa, Australia and major wine regions of the world.

Home to more than one hundred wineries and over seventy premium and boutique cellar doors, the Barossa region showcases world class wine tasting and memorable food and wine experiences. Numerous private tastings and winemaker introductions may be arranged for guests of The Louise. Enjoyable diversions include hot air ballooning, scenic helicopter rides, cycling, hiking, a relaxing massage, the acclaimed Barossa Farmers’ Market, Breakfast with the Kangaroos, and much more.

Just over one hour from Adelaide, The Louise is the food + wine + luxury accommodation destination for discerning travellers to Australia’s most highly regarded wine region.


Relax in spacious comfort, experience pure indulgent luxury and sophisticated contemporary design whilst surrounded by picturesque natural vineyard landscapes. A stay at The Louise nourishes the senses and enlivens the spirit.

All of our suites, regardless of type, include a wide array of premium features and amenities such as

• King beds with crisp linens
• Flat screen TV’s with DVD players
• BOSE iPod docking stations
• Writing desks with complimentary wired and wireless internet access
• A fully-stocked, complimentary mini-bar
• A large fully-tiled ensuite bathroom with spa tubs for two
• Walk-in rain showers
• Towel rail heaters
• Separate toilet area
• Dual hand basins
• A walk-in robe area with luggage store


Our best in class, luxury 2 bedroom suite with completely separate areas, shared lounge and terrace area–perfect for two couples exploring the Barossa wine country.

Enjoy glorious sunset views from your private terrace, gas log fireplaces as well as a large lounge room, king beds, deluxe linens, spacious marbled ensuites and outdoor private rain showers.



Our top of the range guest room, the 125 sqm* (about 1300 sqft) Premium Suites, include all of the amenities and features of our Luxury Suites in an even more spacious configuration plus a private water feature, sunning lounges on the vineyard facing terrace, a choice of king or twin single bedding, and further upscale lighting, artworks, fabrics and furnishings.



An indulgent spa suite – with soft contemporary furnishings, your own private courtyard and terrace and king bed fitted with deluxe linens.

This room also features a gas-log fireplace and large ensuite with spa tub and walk-in shower for two as well as your own private outdoor rain shower – the ideal setting to indulge your senses.



Our entry-level guest suite with your own private sunset terrace, deluxe linens and amenities, king bed, large spa tub, gated courtyard and free Wi-Fi access make this suite a great starting point to your Barossa stay.


The Louise offers two of the Barossa’s best restaurant locales; inspired, regional dining at Appellation and three75 bar + kitchen for comfort food and cocktails that don’t hold back on flavour.

Appellation restaurant embraces what is fresh from the kitchen garden, nearby local growers and farmers, offering mid-sized plates sourcing ingredients which reflect the growing seasons.

Executive Chef Daniel Murphy’s kitchen is all about fresh ingredients which is reflected in the fact that 85% of the menu comes from within the Barossa Valley and South Australia with the balance from Australia. The kitchen garden is a great resource as well as the close relationships we have with local purveyors, farmers and growers.

Appellation offers a set tasting menu on Thursday – Sunday evenings with paired beverage options or an extensive wine list to choose from.
The most recent addition to the Barossa culinary landscape, The Louise presents a cool and sophisticated bar with a view. three75 is the place to watch the sun go down over this special wine valley, cocktail in hand and burger at the ready.



Paperbark Camp Jervis Bay

571 Woollamia Rd, Woollamia NSW 2540

Featuring luxury tented accommodation and superb food, Paperbark Camp lets you get back to nature in style and comfort, the perfect green getaway only 2.5 hours from Sydney on the beautiful NSW South Coast.

Nestled in a peaceful bush setting on the banks of a tranquil waterway, the camp is just minutes from the coastal village of Huskisson and the natural wonders of Jervis Bay . It is the perfect base from which to explore the famous white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and unspoilt national parks of this pristine area.

In keeping with their eco-friendly approach, the safari tents with solar powered lighting are thoughtfully placed amongst the gum trees on elevated decks for minimal impact and natural ventilation. Wake up to the morning birdsong and watch kangaroos pass by from the comfort of your bed before enjoying a hot shower in your private open-air en suite. All amenities are provided including fine quality linen, towels and bath gowns and full breakfast and three course dinner is included in all packages.

Canoes and bikes are available to explore the local area and assistance with arranging tours such as dolphin and whale cruises, sea kayaking and Aboriginal cultural experiences.


Our African inspired canvas safari tents have been thoughtfully placed amongst the soaring eucalyptus and intriguing paperbarks, built above the ground to give privacy and comfort and to capture the sea breeze.

After a delicious dinner in our treetop dining room, grab your torch and meander back under the stars to snuggle up in your own bush hideaway, lulled into a restful sleep by the sounds of the bush at night.

Our canvas safari style tents have been placed thoughtfully amongst the soaring eucalyptus and intriguing paperbarks, built above the ground to give privacy and to capture the sea breeze. All tents have wrap around decking with outdoor furniture, polished hardwood floors, full insect screening, solar powered lighting as well as high quality linen and all the hotel amenities you would expect for a luxe camping experience.

They also include an open air private en suite, perfect for bird watching and kangaroo spotting while you enjoy a steaming hot shower. Delicious hand made soaps and lotions made from natural ingredients and gowns are also provided.

But for a camping experience like no other, spoil yourself in our Deluxe tents with free standing bath and contemporary furnishings to create a romantic candle lit oasis amongst the gum trees… you’ll never pitch your own tent again!

Note: Paperbark Camp follows a sustainable philosophy and has Advanced Eco Accreditation. As such, you will not find air conditioning or heating, TV, bar fridge or power points for your technology (though power and wifi can be accessed in the Gunyah). So switch off and get back to nature!


Be king of the bush for the night in the King Deluxe Safari Tent. With polished wood floors, bespoke furnishings, a freestanding bath tub in the ensuite bathroom, and a large terrace with plush sofas and warm woollen blankets for evenings alfresco, this tent takes camping to a new luxury level. The tent has two king-size beds (can be set up as twins on request), an outdoor bush shower, solar-powered lighting and full insect screening.



Each of the six Deluxe Safari Tents (24 sq m) includes a king-size bed topped with organic cotton sheets, hardwood floors and a private veranda with outdoor lounge area. The alfresco ensuite bathroom features both a shower and a freestanding bath with views of the bush (spot kangaroos from the tub in the late afternoon!). All tents sit amid native trees on raised timber decking, allowing the cool sea breeze to flow through the room.



The five Original Safari Tents (24 sq m) perch on raised decking among the camp’s eponymous paperbark and eucalypt trees. Each features a queen-size bed topped with organic cotton sheets, hardwood floors, a private, wraparound balcony and eco-friendly solar-powered lighting. The outdoor ensuite bathroom boasts a shower with forest views, while roll up the canvas walls welcome the sound, smell and sights of nature into your room. To ramp up the glamping experience, take a peek at the Deluxe Safari Tent.

The Gunyah

The Gunyah (Aboriginal for meeting place) is the heart of the camp.

The Gunyah is our restaurant, reception, bar and communal lounge area and welcomes both in-house and non-resident guests, also being able to cater to those with access needs. We are open 7 days September – May, with reduced hours when the weather turns cold and the occasional private function that might close the camp to outside guests. Bookings are essential and we regularly book out so be sure to call ahead on 02-4441 7299 to ensure we are open and have a table! We also ask that you advise of any dietary requirements or particular access needs at the time of booking. Visitors are welcome to enjoy drinks and bar snacks on the Sundowner Deck from 2pm- 6pm, again we ask just to call ahead so we can be sure to have a nice spot for you on the verandah.


With advanced accreditation from the Ecotourism Association of Australia, Paperbark Camp is committed to eco-tourism. Produce not grown on-site is locally sourced, and all food served at Paperbark is organic, fair trade and free-range. Local hardwood timber has been used to construct the rooms, which are solar powered, and the hotel uses eco-friendly cleaning products and light bulbs. As part of Paperbark’s own conservation programme, the team also removes foreign plant species from the grounds. Local flora and fauna guided tours can be arranged on request.


Longitude 131˚

Yulara Dr, Yulara NT 0872

With views direct to Uluru and across the desert to Kata Tjuta, Longitude 131˚ is Australia’s most celebrated luxury camp. Dotted among the red-rust dunes of the Central Desert are sixteen tented pavilions, each offering connection with the outback landscape and its heritage as well as a glamorous base from which to explore the incredible Red Centre. Discover vibrant Aboriginal artworks alongside relics from the region’s explorers, a bar and restaurant offering contemporary Australian dining and friendly staff ready to share a yarn.


Nestled among ancient dunes, Longitude 131° is a gathering of sixteen tented pavilions designed to offer both luxurious sanctuary and a profound sense of place. Unparalleled views of Uluru’s changing lights play out from the end of the bed, or on balconies from the warmth of a luxury swag unfurled in the cool night air. Custom furnishings invite stylish lounging, while works by local indigenous artists offer inspiration. Guests observe the sights of the outback through floor to ceiling windows, relax on outdoor decks and sleep under a blanket of stars.

A stay at the lodge is generously all-inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner with inspired daily changing menus, open bar with French Champagne, premium wines and spirits (a cellarmasters list is available at an additional cost), in-tent bar, signature experiences and return Ayers Rock Airport transfers.


Designed to offer the ultimate in outback glamour, the premium Dune Pavilion is Australia’s only accommodation to offer views of both Uluru and Kata Tjuta 


  • Two bedrooms with ensuites
  • Separate living and sleeping areas
  • Feature EcoSmart fireplaces
  • Outdoor lounges and day bed
  • Private plunge pool
  • Deep bathtubs and rain showers
  • Views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta
  • Room space 153m2 


Lounge and terrace
Architecturally designed as a modern interpretation of the Australian homestead, the Pavilion is considered the star of the luxury camp. Offering separate living and sleeping areas featuring custom furnishings and artworks commissioned from local artists, outdoor deck with daybed, fireplace and the ultimate in desert style: a private plunge pool overlooking the outback frontier, for a personal nature-meets-luxury experience.

Bedroom and ensuite
The Dune Pavilion features two private bedrooms, each with a king size ‘Baillie Bed’, and is ideal for individuals or couples seeking a glamorous retreat, or friends or families travelling together. Ensuites feature rain showers and deep outback-style tubs overlooking the vast desert landscape.

Luxury Tent

The Luxury Tent features floor to ceiling glass to embrace unparalleled views of Uluru, quite literally at the end of the bed, or on the balcony from the warmth of a luxury swag unfurled in the cool night air.



  • King or twin beds
  • Ensuite with rain shower
  • Private balcony with day bed
  • Feature fireplace
  • Floor to ceiling glass windows
  • Unparalleled Uluru views
  • Room Space 63m2


Lounge and terrace
Custom-designed furniture from Australian designers complemented by works by local indigenous artists offers stylish lounging after a day of exploring the Red Centre. Private floor to ceiling windows yield unparalelled views of Uluru, quite literally at the end of the bed, opening onto an expansive balcony with day bed, armchairs and fireplace.

Bedroom and ensuite
Sink into our signature ‘Baillie Bed’, the ideal place to rest between busy days exploring remarkable destinations and enjoying world-class wining and dining. An ensuite bathroom offers a generous rain shower, while the complimentary in-suite bar proffers a selection of Australia’s best loved gourmet treats.


Dining at Longitude 131° sees a creative, contemporary Australian menu enjoyed with a view to the nation’s spiritual heart, Uluru. The finest premium produce is delivered to the Red Centre and combined with bush ingredients to offer guests a unique taste of Australia. Centred around a commitment to deliver a real ‘sense of place’ for guests, the Baillie Lodges’ Culinary Philosophy is essential to the dining experience at Longitude 131°. Chef Tom Saliba and his team in the kitchen deliver a menu complemented by an enviable wine list that connects guests with the country from the restaurant to the in-tent bar.

Your all-inclusive stay includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with inspired daily changing menus, open bar with French Champagne, premium wines and spirits



The day often starts pre-dawn at Longitude 131°, with tours of Uluru and Kata Tjuta departing as the sun lights the horizon. Best to be prepared for the adventures ahead, premium espresso and fine leaf tea awaits. A grazing table of fresh-cooked pastries, fruits and cold meats tempts, while an a la carte menu features hot breakfast items from eggs cooked as preferred, smoked salmon served with crispy potato rosti and fluffy blueberry pancakes.


After a morning exploring the Red Centre, lunch is served in the cool of the Dune House or outdoors on the terrace overlooking Uluru. Guests can enjoy a starter and main meal, with fresh seafood, meats and salads a highlight. Enjoy a paired wine or and finish with dessert and coffee. Lunch is the perfect precursor to a relaxed afternoon by the pool, on the Dune Top or in the comfort of a luxury tent.



Dinner starts best with sunset drinks in the club-style leather lounges around the bar. A range of premium mixers, wines and craft beer invites a help-yourself vibe, and friendly staff are at hand to mix up a cocktail. Dinner is enjoyed at the Dune House and under the stars at Table 131° on alternating days. For a special occasion, advance bookings can be made for private dining on the Dune Top, where intimate pods offer a window to the outback after dark.


Dining under the stars

The southern skies over Uluru-Kata Tjuta are a glittering kaleidoscope of stars, with cool, clear nights and an absence of manufactured lights from cities or nearby dwellings creating a stargazer’s paradise. Longitude 131°’s Table 131° is renowned around the world as an iconic outdoor dining experience, with a menu prepared on a remote dune top and served under a blanket of stars.

Dune House bar

Lined with nearly 500 unique spinifex tiles each hand designed by the ladies at Ernabella Arts Community, the Dune House bar is a cool retreat. The well-stocked bar features a range of premium spirits – including baillies 9 gin distilled exclusively for the lodges to a secret Kangaroo Island recipe – as well as an excellent selection of wines and local craft beers. Snacks are available and depending on the mood guests sit up at the bar to watch the action or settle into luxurious club-style armchairs.

Dune Top bar

Set high on a platform above the red sands of the desert, the Dune Top bar offers the chance to relax in the quiet of the vast outback landscape. The outdoor lounge offers panoramic views that sweep from Uluru to Kata Tjuta, while an outdoor bar features a help-yourself fridge stocked with cool Australian white and rose wines and a swag of craft beers. Outdoor loungers and a plunge spa are the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing beverage while drinking in the views.

In-tent bars

A stay at Longitude 131° is generously all-inclusive, even down to the in-tent bar. Guests discover a mini bar filled with treats, making a mid-afternoon snack an easy accompaniment to reading a book on the verandah daybed or simply relaxing with the view. A selection of leaf teas and pod coffee pairs with traditional Anzac biscuits, while individual servings of cheese, crackers, nougat and chocolate partner with beers, wine, juice and kombucha, depending on the mood.

Included Signature Experiences


Uluru Sunset

The Uluru Sunset experience is a gathering for Longitude 131° guests with drinks from an exclusive pop up bar just in time to see the sun set and transform the monolith in glowing shades of pink, orange and purple.

The Uluru Sunset viewing area is the best place to see the sun set over Uluru. It’s also a popular spot for visitors to take selfies, couple and family shots as well as landscape photos of Uluru as it appears to change colour as the sun dips behind the domes of Kata Tjuta to the west.

A pop up bar exclusive for Longitude 131° guests is set up in prime position to watch the light change its cast over Uluru, a little further along the sandy pathway from other travellers. Enjoy French Champagne, Australian craft beers and premium spirits accompanied by canapés with fresh Australian ingredients and outback flavours.


Field of Light

Discover an outback wonderland as the Uluru sunset continues, with the mighty monolith fading slowly to the background as the field of lights takes centre stage.

Guests wander at leisure along pathways through the award-winning sculptor Bruce Munro’s incredible light installation. An outback fairyland, the celebrated open air art phenomenon is made up of some 50,000 individual stems crowned with colourful frosted glass bulbs that bloom and appear to sway as the inky night blankets Australia’s spiritual heartland.As darkness descends on the desert, guests are transported to Table 131°, to dine under a glittering canopy of stars.


  Mutitjulu Meander

A morning walk around Uluru’s base tells the Aboriginal Tjukurpa story of Kuniya Piti and reveals the swimming hole and frequently running waterfall at Mutitjulu. It’s also the home of wanampi, an ancestral watersnake.

Lush green trees and grasses are a surprising sight in this section of Uluru. The Aboriginal story of Kuniya Piti is integral to a better understanding of Uluru and the Anangu belief system. When walking around Mutuitjulu Waterhole visitors are surrounded by the presence of two ancestral beings: Kuniya the woma python and Liru the poisonous snake.The individual Kuniya and Liru stories occur on different sides of Uluru, but their dramatic battle took place near Mutitjulu waterhole, and a giant cave nearby reveals the secrets of the story from start to deadly finish.Morning tea is served in the cool shade of the trees before the tour returns to Longitude 131°.


Mala Walk & Kantju Gorge

Journey to the base of Uluru and learn about the Aboriginal Mala people. Longitude 131° guides lead guests on a discovery trail along the caves which occur around the rock and whose walls reveal ancient Aboriginal artworks. Learn the significance of each ‘room’ and the cultural stories each one tells.

A meandering pathway leads through groves of green trees and along boardwalks over spinifex and occasional streams, depending on the weather. At dusk the tour reaches Kantju Gorge, a giant ‘fold’ among Uluru’s rippling surface. There, guests enter a cool reserve lined by trees which leads to a waterhole which the local Aboriginal people use for swimming. As the sun sets, it casts a golden light across the rock faces, striking it a brilliant red against a deep blue sky. 

Guests enjoy a moment of reflection at the pool, before sampling canapés and sipping sunset drinks at the Longitude 131° pop up bar. 


Walpa Gorge & Kata Tjuta

An unforgettable discovery of Kata Tjuta, this early morning adventure heads to the World Heritage-listed site where 36 mighty red rock domes gather in the desert landscape. The group appears mistily on the horizon, glimpsed between desert oaks and spinifex on the approach.

In the company of a Longitude 131° guide, guests learn about the geology and history of the formation, formerly known as The Olgas. The site is sacred for the local Aboriginal people, and kept as a closely held secret as part of Anangu men’s business. Longitude 131° guides are permitted to know and share some of the Tjukurpa, and these stories offer a more personal understanding and connection to this special part of the country.The guide leads guests through Walpa Gorge, with its towering rock walls and surprising tree-lined creeks and waterholes. From there the tour heads to the Kata Tjuta viewing platform, which offers a step-back view of Kata Tjuta and the chance to capture a panoramic view including Uluru. It’s a magic spot for morning tea, with coffee, tea and freshly-baked goods on the menu.A visit to the Cultural Centre at Uluru completes a morning of discovery in the Red Centre. The centre is designed by the local Anangu people, with long pathways providing cool refuge. Here, guests learn about the history of the Aboriginal people at Uluru-Kata Tjuta, and about their art and culture. Aboriginal artists often spend time at the centre painting, carving and sculpting.


Table 131°

Longitude 131°’s signature dining experience, Table 131° makes for an unforgettable evening. Set among the red sand dunes in a remote, secret location, Table 131° features a decadent four-course dinner with matched wines, perfect for a special occasion.

Guests discover the wonder of the outback’s inky night sky, which allows Milky Way to play centre stage, shining brightly without the distraction of city lights.As the cool of the night sets in, guests look up between courses to discover the stories of the southern skies, and perhaps catch a glimpse of a shooting star. The lodge’s resident guide offers a tour of the sky, with legend from the Greek Gods told alongside Aboriginal creation tales from the Red Centre.


At Longitude 131°, our environmental commitment is best expressed by the lodge’s interaction with its local natural and cultural surroundings. A dynamic environmental management plan featuring state-of-the-art, continually evolving technologies steers lodge operations and ultimately enhances each guest’s experience of the destination. A proactive approach to best managing the health of our environmental setting is key to our guests’ experience, to the ongoing appeal of the destination and to the sustainability of business in experiential tourism.



Construction of Longitude 131° was completed with a focus on energy efficient design. Guest tents are designed to enhance thermal and acoustic insulation and floors are insulated and covered in natural stone to enhance cooling in summer and insulation in winter.


Longitude 131° has been carefully designed to have minimal impact on the delicate natural environment. Guest tents are designed to ‘float’ above the sandy desert floor, providing an intimate encounter with the vast and unspoilt outback landscape.


Longitude 131° is situated on 23,800 square metres of privately owned land and is surrounded by Katiti Aboriginal Land and the dual World Heritage listed Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. A host of measures has been undertaken to protect the unique environmental and cultural heritage of the area.


As its World Heritage listing details, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park contains distinctive desert fauna and many rare species of mammals, birds and reptiles. Although appearing flat and uninhabited, the desert around Longitude 131° is alive and caters for many different ecosystems.



Spicers Vineyards Estate

555 Hermitage Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

Spicers Vineyards Estate is renowned for being the Hunter Valley’s most awarded destination for romance.

Just a two hour drive from Sydney or one hour from Newcastle, you’ll be greeted by our very own vineyard and natural bush land at Spicers Vineyards Estate. Where Spa Anise adds to the feeling of rejuvenation and appreciating life comes as naturally as appreciating the latest vintage.

Our boutique five star retreat has just 12 luxury suites each with its own fireplace plus a separate four bedroom house. Restaurant Botanica is renowned for its innovative and delicious cuisine with views overlooking our private vineyard.


Nestled between the property’s private, eight acre vineyard and natural bushland, you’ll find our 12 luxurious guest rooms and house.  Spicers Vineyards is the perfect space for you to relax, unwind and enjoy the moment.

Vineyard’s House

Vineyard’s House is the perfect place for those wanting a private luxury escape with friends or family with Restaurant Botanica, Spa Anise day spa and 22 acres of vineyards and grounds right on your doorstep.

  • À la carte breakfast
  • Four bedrooms with king or twin beds sleeping up to 8
  • 2 bathrooms
  • The master bedroom is 62 sqm with sitting area
  • Three down stairs bedrooms
  • Spicers robes and slippers for all guests
  • Four fireplaces throughout the house
  • Full kitchen and dining table
  • Two lounge spaces
  • Wrap around verandah with outdoor setting
  • Large outdoor pool
  • Outdoor barbeque area with fire pit and chairs
  • Iron, hairdryer and laundry

NOTE: Subject to availability. Min 2 night stay on weekends. 

King Spa Rooms

King Spa Rooms offer a spacious open plan bedroom and lounge space, a private ensuite with spa bathtub and open fireplace in the lounge. Ground floor King Spa Rooms feature French doors which open onto a large wrap around verandah with outdoor setting, while those on the first-floor boast sweeping views that take in our private vineyard and stretch beyond to the mountain backdrop. The room also features:

  • King size bed (twin bedding available on request)
  • Fireplace
  • Granite bathroom with shower and spa bathtub
  • Mini bar
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Hairdryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary parking
  • Flat screen TV
  • iPod dock
  • 45 sqm in size

Luxury Spa Suites

The Luxury Spa Suites feature separate lounge areas with bluestone fireplaces and the option of a private courtyard downstairs or a balcony on the ground level. Tastefully decorated in muted tones, these rooms also feature:

  • King size bed (twin bedding available on request)
  • Fireplace
  • Ensuite with rain shower and separate spa bathtub, double vanity, underfloor heating and heated towel rack
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Hairdryer
  • Mini bar
  • Air conditioning
  • iPod dock
  • Complimentary parking
  • Flat screen TV
  • 50 sqm in size


Spicers Vineyards Estate features the Restaurant Botanica; Modern Australian with a distinctive regional style

Dining at Restaurant Botanica begins with the belief that great chefs must be great gardeners. The menu delivers produce picked fresh that morning with seasonal dishes effortlessly matched with wines from the Hunter Valley – Australia’s oldest wine region.

The restaurant has achieved a Chef-Hat in the Australian Good Food Guide for 2019.

Restaurant Botanica offers both vegetarian and vegan a la carte options. Our chefs are happy to cater for specific dietary requirements.


Spicers Vineyards Estate is nestled in the eco-friendly community of Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley. Sustainability is encouraged within the region and we pride ourselves on continually working towards a sustainable retreat, and always looking for more sustainable practices. Some of our sustainability initiatives include:

We grow our own produce in the market garden to reduce food mileage and to verify its origin and freshness. This fresh produce is then used to create culinary masterpieces for our restaurant as part of our paddock to plate mentality.

Crackle is our onsite pet and compost pig. He eats all of our leftover food, helping us to close the loop on our organic waste. This reduces the amount of waste going into landfill and helps avoid the greenhouse gas methane being released into the atmosphere.

We have been collaborating with companies like Mallow Sustainability and The NSW EPA Bin Trim Program to reduce our waste going into landfill. Since the partnerships begun early in 2017, we have reduced our waste going to landfill by 64 tonnes and increased our recycling rate to 44%.

Here at Spicers Vineyards Estate we are supporting The Last Straw campaign by implementing paper straws at the retreat. The Last Straw campaign aims to tackle the plastic waste issue in Australia and through our company wide policy we are encouraging guests to use less straws and our team and businesses to offer a more environmental alternative.

In 2018 we introduced a glass crusher for our bottle waste from our onsite restaurant, Botanica. The result saw a reduction of glass waste going to landfill. The team found it fun, engaging and therapeutic at the end of the shift to crush the glass and also loved knowing they are assisting in helping the planet one bottle at a time!

At Spicers Vineyards Estate our amenities onsite in our guest rooms are Appelles. This beautiful range of products feature a combination of the finest essential oils with botanical extracts to deliver outstanding results. To add to the luxury we have now replaced the small amenities bottles to give you a limitless supply of soap in large pump bottles to reduce the plastic waste going to landfill.

At Spicers Vineyards Estate you can be fully re-charged in body, mind, spirit and now your car. We have now installed Tesla recharge stations which allows you to pull into the parking space, plug in, and re-charge overnight.

Spicers Vineyards Estate has joined forces with the Plastic Police® who recycle the retreats soft plastics into value-added materials and products for our community. If you can scrunch it you can save it through Plastic Police®.


Château Elan at The Vintage

Vintage Drive, 2320 Pokolbin, Australia

Château Elan at The Vintage Hunter Valley is a luxury golf and spa resort. It is a 2-hour drive from Sydney. There is free parking and free Wi-Fi. Cessnock Airport is a 5-minute drive. The property is home to a number of native kangaroos.

There is a range of luxury accommodation at the resort, including spacioussuites, with spa baths. There are also villas, with modern kitchens and the latest entertainment facilities.

The resort offers a spacious outdoor swimming pool and well-equipped fitness centre. The spa has 18 treatment rooms and offers the latest procedures, from experts.

The fine restaurant serves high-quality à la carte cuisine throughout the day. The bar features an extensive, gourmet wine list. Château Élan overlooks the golf course, designed by Greg Norman and home to the New South Wales Open Championship.


Spa Suite

A Spa Suite offers full immersion in the world of luxury. Resident within the Château Élan Hotel complex, you are steps away from The Spa offering moments from massage, beauty treatments and hydrotherapy; an exclusive ‘air bridge’ means you’re guaranteed privacy and ease-of-access.

Spa Suites offer 60 square metres of space, carefully tailored to augment the processes of relaxation and rejuvenation: exclusive to the Suite is an open, plinth-mounted spa bath that is both sophisticated and sensual, and an Ergomotion king size bed offering multiple massage therapies and ‘zero-gravity’ function. Enjoy either a balcony overlooking the resort, an amazing view of The Vintage Golf Course or the seclusion and privacy of an enclosed courtyard.


  • Ergomotion King bed
  • Duck down pillows, plush towels and robes
  • Integrated spa bath and separate shower
  • 42″LCD-HDTV and DVD player
  • Nespresso coffee maker and tea casket
  • Private outdoor-balcony, courtyard or terrace
  • Spa suites are exclusively reserved for adults over 18 years of age
  • Disabled access rooms available on request
  • Complimentary spa products

Villa Studio

Wake in your private villa to views of The Vintage fairways and Hunter Valley, seen through the generous glass doors that lead to your balcony or terrace.

The open-plan bedroom and living area, plus en-suite bathroom (with spa bath) amount to 58 square metres of elegant living. Guest parking is located beside your villa.


  • King bed or two king single beds available on request
  • Duck down pillows, plush towels and robes
  • Spa bath and separate shower
  • 42″LCD-HDTV and DVD player
  • Outdoor balcony or terrace
  • Disabled access rooms available on request

Villa One Bedroom Apartment

Your Villa One-Bedroom Apartment is a luxurious self-contained living space of 96 square metres, with extra-spacious bedroom and bathroom, separate dining area plus a designer kitchen with quality appliances.

A two-way open fireplace between living and dining areas lends character as well as warmth in the cooler seasons. Guest parking is located beside your villa.


  • Designer kitchen with full cooking facilities
  • Separate lounge and dining room
  • Gas fireplace
  • Outdoor balcony or terrace
  • King bed or two king single beds available on request
  • Duck down pillows, plush towels and robes
  • Spa bath and separate shower
  • 42″LCD-HDTV (lounge and bedroom) and DVD player

Villa Two Bedroom Apartment

The conjoining of a Villa Studio and Villa One Bedroom Apartment provides 154 square metres of indoor and outdoor living space, perfect for a family or group of friends.

With two bathrooms and extra-spacious separate king bedrooms which can accommodate four guests. The Villa Two Bedroom Apartment has a separate dining area plus a designer kitchen with quality appliances, a two-way open fireplace between living and dining areas lends character as well as warmth in the cooler seasons. Guest parking is located beside your villa.


  • Designer kitchen with full cooking facilities
  • Separate lounge and dining room
  • Gas fireplace
  • Outdoor balcony or terrace
  • King beds or one king and two king single beds available on request
  • Duck down pillows, plush towels and robes
  • Two bathrooms, each with spa bath and separate shower
  • 42″LCD-HDTV (lounge and bedroom) and DVD player
  • Ideal for two couples or a family

The Vintage Golf Club

The Vintage Golf Club features an 18-hole Greg Norman designed golf course which has been ranked among the best in Australia (Ranked #46 in Australia’s Top 100 Golf Courses as voted by the 2018 GOLF Course Guide)

The 18-hole course measures 6,242 meters with a par of 71 and is one of the only Greg Norman designed public access golf courses in the Hunter Valley and NSW.

The facility is open 7 days a week and offers a fully serviced driving range, practice chipping area (adjacent driving range) and putting green located near the Golf Shop. The Golf Shop carries a premium range of golf equipment, clothing, footwear and accessories to assist with your game.


Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort

15 Thompsons Road, 2320 Pokolbin, Australia

Located in the beautiful Hunter Valleyand and nestled amongst some of the most premium wine producers, Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort is a 300-acre resort offering a variety of facilities, including a pro-golf course and country club, two restaurants, two bars, two pools and two tennis courts. There is more than 1500sqm of meeting, conference and event facilities.

Taking a 2-hour drive from Sydney CBD to Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort you will enjoy a scenic drive past endless rows of vines, grazing cattle and kangaroos. When you reach the Hunter Valley, you will be able to indulge in wine-tastings, boutique brew classes or cooking classes, festivals and dine at award winning restaurants. There are hot-air balloon flights available as well.

The resort offers one, two and three-bedroom villas, set against a stunning backdrop of the Broken Back Mountain Range. The villas at Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort are situated in a quintessential Australian bush settings and are self-catered. Some villas have been refurbished.


Unwind. Breathe. Space is what greets you on entry to your home away from home in the heart of Wine Country. Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort features a range of one, two and three bedroom villas featuring kitchen / kitchenette facilities, spacious living areas and private balconies allowing freedom for independent travelers to design their own ways to stay. Our Premier Villas reflect the four-star level of accommodation. Standard Villas are yet to be refurbished and discounted to offer the best value proposition in the Hunter Valley. The full-service resort provides 24 hour reception, family dining options, smart dining, a main bar, boutique whiskey bar, a variety of swimming pools, tennis courts and golf Pro shop. Terraced into the natural bushland surroundings are the villa accommodation, providing guests with extraordinary views over the golf course fairways, Broken Back Range and the resorts own vineyards. Lucky guests are treated to a morning visit from the resident kangaroos, kookaburras and koalas in the private accommodation setting.


Villa size: 43 m²
These spacious and comfortable villas have a king-sized bed, kitchenette, living and dining area, balcony, air conditioning and free WiFi.

  • King size bed
  • Private balcony with bush views
  • Separate bedroom and living area
  • Equipped Kitchenette
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Drive up parking space availability
  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Inclusive Wi-Fi



Villa size: 43 m²
These refurbished villas feature contemporary fittings, a king-sized bed, kitchenette, private balcony and free WiFi.

  • Refurbished
  • King size bed
  • Private balcony with bush views
  • Separate bedroom and living area
  • Equipped Kitchenette
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Drive up parking space availability
  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Inclusive Wi-Fi


Villa size: 90 m²
Contemporary and inviting, the Two Bedroom Villas feature a full kitchen, living and dining area, two en suites, expansive balcony and free WiFi.

  • King or split single beds
  • Private balcony with bush views
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Separate bedroom and living area
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Drive up with multiple parking spaces available
  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Inclusive Wi-Fi


Villa size: 90 m²
The Premier Two-Bedroom Villas have been refurbished and feature VIP amenities by Peter Morrissey, a full kitchen, private balcony and free WiFi.

  • Refurbished
  • King or split single beds
  • Private balcony with bush views
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Separate bedroom and living area
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Drive up with multiple parking spaces available
  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Inclusive Wi-Fi


Villa size: 119 m²
Spacious in design, the Three-Bedroom Villas feature the choice of a king bed or two single beds in each bedroom, a kitchen, expansive balcony and free WiFi.

  • King or split single beds
  • Private balcony with bush views
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Separate bedroom and living area
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Drive up with multiple parking spaces available
  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Inclusive Wi-Fi


Villa size: 119 m²
These stylishly refurbished Premier Three-Bedroom Villa’s feature a full kitchen and laundry, lounge and dining area, heating/air-conditioning and 2.5 bathrooms. Also provided is parking and free WiFi. The three bedrooms are located upstairs.

  • Refurbished
  • King or split single beds
  • Private balconies with bush views
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Separate bedroom and living area
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Drive up with multiple parking spaces available
  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Inclusive Wi-Fi



A public golf course open to all offering daily rounds through to full annual membership. Our Pro, Scott Cubis, removes all anxiety for those new to the game and challenges players at the pinnacle level of the game. Located in the beautiful wine district of the Hunter Valley and proudly ranked as Australia’s Best Golf Hotel, Cypress Lakes is a picturesque 6,487 meter par 72, 18-hole championship golf course ranked among the very best in the Hunter Valley thanks to it’s pristine fairways, manicured greens and unique layout. Unveiled in 1992, Cypress Lakes was designed by Steve Smyers of Florida. From the black championship markers, the layout is a length of 6,467m par 72, for us mortals at 5,520m from the men’s White tees and 5,216m for the ladies.

Each tee and green offers stunning panoramic views of the Hunter Valley’s famous vineyards and the surrounding Brokenback mountain range. This championship layout boasts dramatic fairway shapes and elevation changes, 60 strategically located bunkers and generous greens that are in superb condition year round. Membership is available from $300 (casual social) to $3,500 (premium annual membership). This is a membership prioritising social interaction between members of all levels.

Significant golf course infrastructure investment by the Oaks Hotels group is quickly catapulting Cypress Lakes to the top of must play resort destinations in Australia.